What Do You Do When Someone Is Stalking You?

If you've ever gotten the feeling that you're being watched by someone, you may be the victim of a stalker. It may be tempting to just ignore the signs of being followed, but knowing how to handle a stalker can save your life.

There are a few key steps that you can take to deal with a potential stalking situation.

Recognize the signs of a stalker.

There is a difference between casually running into someone occasionally or being on friendly terms with your ex and someone who is constantly there all the time. If you are getting the feeling that someone is watching you, pay attention to your surroundings.

Look for the same car that follows you around or the same person that shows up. Take note of any familiar faces and notice phone calls from unknown numbers or unusual mail. Take note of these things and record them when you start to notice a pattern.

Talk to a professional.

After documenting the occurrences of a stalker or potential stalker, seek out the law enforcement in your town. The laws and regulations regarding stalking and legal action vary widely across states and countries, so it would be impossible to give specific guidelines.

Be sure to show the police your documentation and approach them calmly, but seriously. They will give you advice on how best to proceed, whether filing a restraining order, or having the police talk to the potential stalker. The police can look up arrest records and also be present at situations where you feel like you're being followed.

Travel with a friend or stay with someone close to you.

Many stalkers are unpredictable and may snap suddenly, putting you at danger. If possible, move in with a friend who knows about the situation while dealing with it and avoid spending long periods of time by yourself.

If leaving work after dark or closing up in the evening, have someone stay with you. You may feel silly taking extra precautions, but your safety is important. You should always be vigilant.

Consider carrying a whistle, mace, or other precautions in a purse or pocket that can be pulled out easily if approached. Your best defense is to be able to leave a dangerous situation quickly, so avoid potentially dangerous situations while you're alone.

In case you feel unsafe in any situation, you can send an alert to up to 5 trusted friends using a mobile application called Guardian Angel One. It will also send them your GPS location and post to your Facebook page so that all your close friends know where you are.

Consider taking steps to defend yourself.

While talking to the authorities and taking steps like filing a restraining order can vary on a case-to-case basis, you should be able to take care of yourself if someone ever attacks you.

Take a self-defense class at a local gym. These classes are often individualized for men or women and also provide great tips and advice for dealing with these types of situations.

These four steps are the basic methods on how to handle a stalker. Whether dealing with a jealous ex or someone unknown, be sure to protect yourself by documenting dangerous situations, talking to the local authorities, and being vigilant in potentially dangerous or solitary situations.

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