Self-Defense Techniques - 9 Ways to Improve Your Forms

Anyone who has taken any type of martial arts has practice a kata or two. For this article forms are also referred to as katas. Most forms (katas) start out quite simple and progressively get harder as the student gets better and moves up in belt rank.

Quick and Effective Self Defense Techniques For Men

When it comes to self defense, the fighting techniques you choose should focus on eliminating the threat to you or your loved ones as quickly as possible. This means that there is no room in self defense for fancy or complicated moves.

Forget Martial Arts and Self Defense Classes - These Self Defense Techniques Work on the Street!

That's right! Forget the martial arts and self defense classes, forget karate, forget most things that you have read about self defense. When it comes to a REAL street attack, all the martial arts moves you spent hours practicing under instruction will be useless.

Self Defense Techniques For Girls

We live in a shockingly unfair world when it comes to women. According to reliable statistics, a woman is raped in just about every two minutes of every single day. This makes it obviously necessary for women to be able to defend themselves should they be faced with an attacker.

Best Self Defense Against Assaults

In the year 2009, which is the last year that the federal government had statistics for aggravated assaults, stats show that the rate percentage wise is actually going down. Aggravated assault is assault with a deadly weapon. The penalty for aggravated assault is much more severe than just regular assault which doesn't include a deadly weapon. When you look at just regular assaults, the ones without a deadly weapon, the number of reported cases is actually on the increase.

Self-Defense Tips: Pressure Points - Painful Striking Points

Have you ever hit your shin on a bed post or any other solid object? If you have, you know how painful it is. If you haven't, you need not go out and do it-just take my word for it. It hurts and not just for the moment but it last for quite a while.

Top 10 Self Defense Techniques

So, you have found yourself in one of the worst situations imaginable, a street fight. Whether you’re being mugged, or have just said the wrong thing to a tough guy, you need to know what to do to get out of the situation. This is a list of the top 10 self defense techniques.

Dog Attack Prevention Tips To Keep You Safe

Were you aware of the fact that millions of Americans are bitten by dogs every year with over one million of them requiring hospitalization from a dog bite? Untold millions of dog attacks are never get reported. This happens when they're out and about exercising by walking, jogging or cycling.

Self Defense - The Best Ways To Defend Against Dog Attacks

There was a commercial on television recently that caught my attention. It was for a major insurance company that was talking about homeowners insurance. The commercial made note of the fact that an inordinate number of all homeowners' insurance claims were for dog bites or dog attacks.

6 Of the Most Effective Self Defense Techniques

Mandy is 16 years old and an active runner. She wakes up every morning during her summer break and instead of checking her social media sites or zoning out watching television, she has a protein shake and gets dressed to go for her morning run. She lives in a "good" neighborhood and has never had a problem until the day a guy came up and tried to grab her from behind.

8 Self-defense tips for men

This “self-defense tips for men” post is the result of a combination of factors. First of all, I recently started teaching self-defense to another private student and he asked a number of questions. Second was a conversation with a fellow author about the reality of self-defense and violence versus the myths and misconceptions we see people believe in every day.

Self Defense Trainer is the #1 Best Self Defense App in 35 Countries!

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Three Moves That Make Silat The Best Fighting Style In Self Defense

Silat is a national self defense in Malaysia. It is known as the best fighting style in self defense. The silat techniques have been used by police, royal army, securities and professional bodyguard in order to increase their self defense moves.

Silat Training System - Three Punches To Apply During Self Defense Training

Buah Pukul is a self defense moves in silat training system that required one to receive the attack first followed by counter strikes either using bare hand or weapon. It is also known as self defense. The self defense training can be done with two or more opponent in any silat training.

Self Defence Techniques - Reasons Why You Should Learn Self Defense

In my opinion, everyone on the planet should learn self defence techniques. Not just women, men and children should learn them too. You should not consider this as a sign of weakness, but an opportunity to protect yourself, loved ones and family members. While you may already consider yourself as being tough, keep in mind that there are plenty of crazy people out-there.

Self Defence Techniques: Avoidance, Awareness, Health and Safety

The best form of self-defence is to not be there, it's kind of obvious but it's one part of the picture that is often ignored. Obviously, it is not always possible to avoid a situation, which is when your martial arts skills will be invaluable, in one way or another.

Self Defence Before the Fight

So much of self-defence happens way before a fight occurs. Often an attacker, mugger or general hooligan is looking for an easy target. They want an easy notch on the bedstead or a straightforward payday. This is NOT always the case, there is always the chance that a potential attacker can actually fight in which case you need to be ready.

Basic Self Defense Moves You Should Know!

In this article, I am going to discuss the five basic self defense tips that will help you to acquire the skills needed for surviving hazardous situations and safeguarding yourself against assailants. Here they are as follows.

Street Based Self Defense Or Mixed Martial Arts? Which is Better?

When it comes to self defense on the streets, NOTHING beats REAL EXPERIENCE! So, if you don't personally have this experience, you should learn from someone that DOES. I don't say this boastfully, but since I've seen life behind prison walls, and also been employed as a bouncer in various bars and clubs, I can honestly say that I DO HAVE such experience.

Get 4 Simple Self Defense Tips For Non Fighters!

The following article was written to provide you with a series of simple self defense instructions which are easy to understand, in addition to advice and information regarding skills you'll need to develop if you want to survive a sudden attack by overpowering your opponent.

A Different Type of Self Defense Technique You'll Want to Try!

Read of a reality based self defense situation I found myself in today. I will try to show you that violence isn't always the only solution when it comes to a real life or death attack on the streets.

So I immediately alerted my cousin who was with me.

How Branding Is The Ultimate Self Defence Technique

So what's the difference between branding, martial arts and real street fighting?

Simply put, branding is influencing.

The goal of branding is to position yourself in such a way that your opponent feels he is smothered and can't move anyway except backwards. Even though he has the irresistible urge not to so.

Womens Self Defence

Often when a self defence course is run there is limited time to get the message across. As with all martial arts there is, of course, a huge amount to cover but with a self defence course we are expecting to be able to defend ourselves by the end of it.

3 Self Defence Techniques That Guarantee You Come Out Alive

It is a painful reality that street crime is rampant these days. Even people who do not think they are in danger can be attacked; in fact, these are the most vulnerable people. No neighborhood or area is completely safe, so if you do not take the time to learn some basic self defence techniques, you are failing to fully protect yourself from the dangers of the world.

How to Learn Fighting Techniques Online That Can Actually Save Your Life

For those who have ever participated in a martial arts or self defense class, you might have picked up some basic moves or learned some principals of unarmed protection. But you probably didn't realize that everything you learned was not actually intended to save your life in a fight.

3 Simple Ways to Learn Self Defense at Home

Many trained martial artists and self defense teachers will say you can't learn self defense at home; no dojo, no training ground, no place to practice with a real partner. In these cases, you can actually learn self defense at home. There are many home training courses, DVDs, and books that teach self defense techniques.

5 Self Defence Tricks Everyone Should Know to Protect Their Loved Ones

In a world where crime and violence are commonplace, it's more important than ever to be able to protect ourselves and the people we love. It isn't hard, and doesn't take years of hard training and practice to master basic self defence techniques. Anyone who is serious about protecting themselves and their loved ones from armed assault should know these 5 important tricks.

20 Things You Should Know About Street Self Defense

Street attacks are common place these days. No one is immune to them; even you with all your self defence training are as susceptible as anyone else.

You can be as careful as you want to be, you can give of as much confidence as you want but ultimately,

The 3 A's of Street Self Defense


The correct attitude is the single biggest attribute you must possess in order to keep yourself out of needless trouble.

Street Self Defense and the Element of Surprise

When it comes to effective street self defense the element of surprise cannot be overlooked. In terms of importance, having that element of surprise probably ranks higher than ninety percent of your techniques.

If you only knew how to throw one single punch and nothing else,

Real Self Defence Is Understanding The Dangers

There are many books on the subject of self-defence, protection and unarmed combat and many of them are thought provoking. But real self-defence is understanding the dangers!

But how do you dissect the elements that work into a total concept?

Karate Kata to Street Fighting - Unleash a Deep Force Within You

I don't know about you but when I turn on the TV or read a newspaper I often feel like I'm living on another planet. I mean all the violence and greed, is that what most people value in life?

What Are the Benefits of Self Defence for Kids?

Self-defence can play a great part in everybody's life, but we often don't give proper thought to it. People have stereotyped an impression of self defence thanks to a diet of Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee movies.

The Best Self Defense Techniques for Women

Self Defense for Women - Unusual Self Defense Weapons for Women - Some Tips and Techniques!

Many self defense classes will teach you how to stay out of trouble and avoid being attacked or if you are attacked how to defend yourself.

Woman Self-Defense - The Secret Techniques You Must Know!

You don't have time for woman self-defense lesson? Just spend 3 minutes to finish reading this article, one day you might need to use this technique to save your live or your loved ones.

Real Self Defence: A Few Basic Tips

Real self defence knowledge is more necessary than it has ever been. The world is a dangerous place. It does not matter where you go, you hear stories about terrible things happening to the nicest people. Sometimes it seems like dreadful threats are lurking everywhere you go - in the cities, in the towns and even in the villages.

How to Protect Yourself on the Street

I've trained in many different martial arts for many years and have found out that most moves taught in dojos or gyms are suitable for dojos or gyms, these moves are suitable to win points in competitions but their useless on the street and for that reason I ended up quitting training in various styles of Karate,

Before You Get Attacked Do This - Self Defence Tips

Now if your small, female or have never done any type of self defence in the past then I highly recommend purchasing some pepper spray. Pepper spray can be carried around and will fit into most bags or purses. The best sprays on the market can even shoot up to 25 feet which is an amazing distance.

Why We All Need To Learn Self Defence

When people mention the phrase self-defence it conjures up all sorts of images. For some those images will be of the Karate Kid, for others it will be visions of elderly women learning techniques in the local church hall. Then of course we have the extreme, men dressed in camouflage,

Tips to Keep You Alive on the Street - Self Defence for Women

Did you know that one in six women are likely to be attacked and sexually abused in their lifetime? I didn't know this until recently and I was shocked and discussed by my fellow mankind, for this reason I'm writing this article so you don't become the next victim to these scummy people.

Tips to Keep You Alive on the Street - Self Defence for Women

Did you know that one in six women are likely to be attacked and sexually abused in their lifetime? I didn't know this until recently and I was shocked and discussed by my fellow mankind, for this reason I'm writing this article so you don't become the next victim to these scummy people.

How to Not Be a Victim - Self Defence Explained

If your reading this article then chances are you have either been a victim in the past or you feel like you may be singled out to be a victim in the future. Well don't fear because with this article I am going to give you some tips which will help the attackers not pick on you,

How to Defend Yourself Against a Knife Attack

In today's world where weapons have become very common we see violence everywhere - in movies, cartoons, on reality shows, and sometimes in real life too. One of the most widely used weapons is the knife, which is effortless to use yet very powerful if successful in hitting the target. Most people are not aware of the

Some Important Self-Defense Points To Know

Self-defense is a basic element to live a peaceful life. All over the world in every city crime ratio is getting high. You never know the next moment will be safe one or not. For this reason it is very important to get yourself trained, for self-defense. Sometimes it may happen that you have spent couple of months to get

Alertness and Self Defence

It is a fact that untoward and threatening situations can never be preempted with certainty. However, it is imperative that whenever faced with such a situation, one should stay calm and composed and avoid getting panicked. Moreover, you should always keep a poker face and ensure eye contact with the attacker or

10 Common-sense Self Defense Tips For Men

For more than 30 years I have been running specialized self defence courses and seminars. Over that time I have shown thousands of people how to protect and look after themselves.

Increasing personal safety ALWAYS commences with awareness.

Will You Be the Victim of a Violent Assault? - Take the Test

Violence is on the increase all over the world. Whenever a city reaches a population of one million people crime and particularly violent crime explodes. How adept are you at avoiding becoming a victim?

Below are ten topics. For each topic you will find four descriptions. Choose the description that best

Self Defence For Women

As though women do not have plenty to be concerned about they may be additionally worried about the possibility of being assaulted. Females tend to be assaulted right in their own property, in public areas, basically, it can happen any place they go.

Female Self Defense - Avoid Being a Target

Self defense for women is different from just any old self defense. Most women naturally have a weaker muscle structure than men so I recommend that you don't try getting into a punching frenzie with a guy unless you've had specific training for it. Most women I know haven't had any training at all.

So what should women do for self defense?

Avoid kicking and punching unless you've had plenty of training with those techniques. Self defense for women is much safer for yourself if you use parts that can tolerate more abuse. People tend to naturally punch for the face in a self-defense scenario but there are a lot of easier moves that will inflict more pain enabling you to escape.

Female Self Defense Tactics

Here are a few examples of easy self defense techniques:

    Pinch soft tissue inside of upper leg
    Pinch back of arm half way between elbow and shoulder
    Strike with palm of hand under nose
    Flick testicles with back of hand
    Grab testicles and squeeze
    Grab top of ear and tear downwards
    Gouge thumbs into eyes
    Use arch between thumb and finger to launch into throat, then squeeze

Now these techniques will cause a lot of pain and damage so should never be used first off. Only use them when you are in fear of your own safety. Afterall that is the laws requirements for self defense. Do you wonder how you could get away from a strong guy if he grabbed hold of you? That is a huge concern for a lot of women, but there is a tactic you can use to help you break loose...I call it the pre-escape:

Womens Self Defense - Pre Escape!

I understand that some women have no self confidence when it comes to self defense, and you really shouldn't be ashamed of that. My Pre-Escape technique will distract your attacker and give you the opportunity to make your escape. It is acting out of fear that will make you instinctively try to struggle if somebody grabs you, but in a realistic scenario you wouldn't be able to pull away from a stronger attacker.

By pre-escape I mean pain distraction. You need to cause some kind of pain which will distract your attacker for a split second giving you more of a chance to break free...his concentration will be temporarily directed to the pain you have just caused him. You will then use this opportunity to use your womens self defense technique to make your escape.

Pre-Escape Techniques:

The technique you use depends on your distance, positionings and how you are grabbed...a knee to the groin or any of the techniques mentioned previously would all have a positive effect towards helping you escape.

Self Defence Classes - What Is Self Defence?

Self Defence is a system of combat techniques used to protect yourself from physical confrontation. These techniques mostly originate from Martial Arts - Karate, Kickboxing, Judo and Kung Fu are to name a few. There is of course much more to Martial Arts such as the physical, spiritual and psychological values, but the

One Easy Self-Defense Tip ANYONE Can Perform

There is a difference between Self-Defense (or "Self Protection" - an increasingly popular term) and Martial Arts. That's not to say that Martial Arts cannot be used for self-defense, but rather that they are a superset of it and more emphasis is usually put on the "Art" or sports element than in the practical self-defense aspects.

The Difference Between Martial Arts And Self Defence

The terms "Martial Arts" and "Self-Defence" are often confused as alternative names for the same thing. These days however, with the increased attention toward "real world" systems such as Krav Maga for example, it seems people are finally starting to recognise the differences between them. Unfortunately though,

Self Defense - How to Stop a Would-be Rapist in His Tracks!

If there is one crime that people, mainly women, fear more than any other crime it is a sexual attack - rape to be specific. Just the thought of another person using force to invade your body in this manner is repugnant. But there are ways to make the mongrels who commit or attempt to commit this disgusting crime to stop dead in their tracks before they get too far into their actions.

Self Protection - Self Defense - Your Worst Nightmare - Road Rage

There you are - driving along the freeway. Not a care in the world. You take a quick glance in your rear vision mirror. The lane seems clear. You indicate your intention to change lanes and commence the move. All of a sudden...

The 7 Most Common Attacks in a Street Self Defence Fight

Most martial arts work from a basis of traditional attacks from which you counter and defend. In reality most of these just don't happen in a street fight and it's far more 'scrappy!' In street self defence we learn about the ways people really attack and fight on the street and we learn short, sharp and effective techniques to deal with them.

Street Self Defence Techniques - Do Martial Arts Work?

As a martial arts student of 20 years I often get asked the question do martial arts work. In the last 4 years I have studied street self defence moves and I believe these are what will work for most people in real situations.

Street Self Defence Moves That Get the Job Done!

As an experienced martial artist I have trained for over ten years and would be considered by some to be an 'expert' in my field. But what would I do in a real street attack? What street self defence moves would I rely on?

Street Self Defense Moves V Martial Arts

Street self defense moves are designed to be short, sharp and effective. There are no complicated stylish techniques as with many martial arts. Street self defense moves are easy to learn, don't need great strength to apply them and are all about survival.

Self Defense Techniques for Street Fighting

Self defense techniques can take many years to practise. Having studied traditional martial arts for many years I have learned some incredible techniques. But which self defense techniques would I use in a street fight?

Self Defence Tips for Men - Survive on The Streets

It's a sad fact that most men will face a violent situation at some time in our lives and being prepared with some self defence tips and knowledge is an essential lifeskill.

In this article I don't propose to teach you how to throw a punch or deliver any fancy martial arts moves

9 Essential Self-Defence Tips For Women Using Public Transport

Women are exposed to a significant level of risk of violence and crime, especially in some cities. Unfortunately women are considered as the weaker sex and targeted for violence on a routine basis. Hence fear of violence or attack is often lurking in the minds of every woman.

Self Defense Techniques

You'll find self defense techniques that enable you to be in charge of an assault in spite of who the other fighter is. Typically, street thugs never fight according to rules and you mustn't either.

They plan to do anything they need to do in order to succeed and beat you to a pulp. That is exactly why

Street Self Defense Vs Traditional Martial Arts

I've trained in a wide variety of traditional martial arts over the years and sadly have come to realisation that most aren't effective in real street fights and attacks. I have friends with great martial arts skills who have faced terrible violence and where their training has let them down.

Street Self Defence Tips for Men: What's the Best Martial Art?

Sadly in the world today we all live with the threat of violence on a daily basis. Many of us may consider learning a martial art like taekwondo to deal with this but will it work in a real street attack?

My answer to learn street self defence. A modern, progressive martial art based on actual situations street

What Do You Do When Someone Is Stalking You?

If you've ever gotten the feeling that you're being watched by someone, you may be the victim of a stalker. It may be tempting to just ignore the signs of being followed, but knowing how to handle a stalker can save your life.

Safety For Women: Fighting Back Against Rapists

In a world marred with discrimination, insecurity and injustice, it's in inevitable to have sadists who want to hurt or take advantage of others. Rape is one of those despicable acts that these sadists often engage in, causing irreparable pain and suffering to their victims.

Learn Fighting Techniques And Survive

Did you know one can learn fighting techniques over the internet? No need to be an experienced MMA fighter to learn this program and undertake the actual movements.

Legitimate fighting really is about your head instead of concerning the body, and once you know best places

Simple Self Defense Steps For Women

The general idea of defending yourself as a woman depends on your ability to fight back when you are physically attacked. Unfortunately, crime is always on the rise and the common citizens, including women, seem to be on the defensive side.

A Self Defense Program Could Save Your Life

If you really do not have proper self defense education it is typically very hard for you to protect yourself in a sudden violent incident. It will be sometimes difficult to protect yourself if you're in a lot smaller than your attacker, or in fact if you be older and not so fit as your once were.

Learning the Rules of Self Defense

The first rule in self defense is that there are no rules to follow when your life is at stake. The other rules that you need to remember serve to boost your confidence and make you ready to fight. Your goal is to win and for that you are allowed to use every tactic and technique to your own advantage rather than thinking about

Danger in the Streets - How to Be Your Own Bodyguard (Part 2 of 2)

In Part 1 of this article we arrived at the point where it was established that you could be confronted by a desperate, violent person with no police or security guards anywhere in sight. What do you do? How can you be your own bodyguard?

Danger in the Streets - How to Be Your Own Bodyguard (Part 1 of 2)

There is no doubt that violence in our community is increasing. Look at what happened in the wake of the New Orleans hurricane Katrina disaster. The criminals of the city took it upon themselves to further the trauma by committing all manner of violence and disgusting crimes towards others.