How to Protect Yourself on the Street

I've trained in many different martial arts for many years and have found out that most moves taught in dojos or gyms are suitable for dojos or gyms, these moves are suitable to win points in competitions but their useless on the street and for that reason I ended up quitting training in various styles of Karate,
Brazilian Jujitsu and even MMA. Sure some of these fighting styles had some moves that are suitable for real life situations but I would estimate that over 90 % of what I had learned was useless.

If you want to learn how to protect yourself on the street or a real life situation then I would recommend you either looking online for some self-defence classes in your area and going along and just having a look, if what their teaching looks like nonsense then don't join, however there is a second way which I found hugely beneficial to me.

The second way was to look online for self defence books, this may seem a little different to what you were probably expecting me to say but it does work. Some books have moves that are so dangerous to the attacker that many self defence instructors won't even teach it and for this reason getting a book is highly recommended but that's not all, if you go to a class and the instructor shows you a moves a few times by the time you go home you will have forgot it. If you have a book however you can learn special techniques correctly and quickly.

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