Tactical Flashlight Self Defense Techniques

For everyday use, a flashlight is likely to be seen as a simple tool for illuminating in low-light conditions, but certain flashlights are able to double up as a self-defense weapon. Tactical lights are standard pieces of equipment for the military and security personnel and law enforcement. Using a conventional weapon (fire-arms, batons, knives, sprays, etc) is certain to be prohibited in certain states around the country. But a high-performance tactical flashlight is certain to be legal everywhere. A flashlight offers a range of practices for maintain personal safety.

Prevention and Awareness

Ideally you want to look at prevention as the first step in defense. A high-powered flashlight is helpful at promoting completing awareness of possible threats in the local surroundings. Rely on a flashlight to light-up potential areas of attack and illuminate dark corners. By eliminating dark areas you are able to lessen the chances of an attack in the poorly lit areas.

Short-term Blinding

Shinning a high-performance tactical light in a potential assailants eyes is likely to result in short-term impairment to the vision. No longer-term impact is noticed and vision will return to normal within a matter of 1 or 2 minutes. But for that short period you have the chance of getting the upper hand or more sensibly you have the opportunity to completely escape the scene. By using the right technique for focusing the light on the would-be attacker’s eyes you are able to significantly improve the situation.

Using to strike opponents

A tactical flashlight, long or short, offers a perfect tool for striking a potential attacker in confrontations. A long-length light is certain to be more effective since it is able to act in a similar fashion to wielding a baton and using a sufficient swing motion. Certain lights include a crenellated bezel which is ideal for striking a would-be attacker. If planning on using a flashlight for striking an opponent it certainly helps to use a tactical light rather than a incandescent light which is likely to break very easily.

Remain cautious

Weapons of all-types need to be used with great caution at all-times. Striking an opponent with a tactical flashing can be quite lethal, so you really just want to do enough to ensure your own personal safety. Aim to be mindful of local rules and regulations in regard to use-of-force laws. And using force in a difficult situation is likely to be needed as a last resort, like those situations of being at the risk of being attacked.



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