Street Based Self Defense Or Mixed Martial Arts? Which is Better?

When it comes to self defense on the streets, NOTHING beats REAL EXPERIENCE! So, if you don't personally have this experience, you should learn from someone that DOES. I don't say this boastfully, but since I've seen life behind prison walls, and also been employed as a bouncer in various bars and clubs, I can honestly say that I DO HAVE such experience.
But don't stop at just one training source. Having one well-rounded instructor is great, but that's NOT going to make you the best fighter you can be. Check out the UFC, for example, and really dig deeper into the diversity of fighting styles. This narrative will help you incorporate some practical and useful skills that just might save your life in an assault on the streets.

Mixed martial arts self defense techniques #1 - To withstand the grueling physical exertion that your body is subjected to in a real fight, you MUST be in exceptional physical condition. The biggest asset to becoming a great fighter is the combination of weight lifting and cardio training on a daily basis. Push-ups, pull-ups, and abdominal exercises done everyday, or even gym workouts three days out of the week, lasting about two hours apiece, are highly effective in keeping your body in peek condition in preparation for an actual attack.

Mixed martial arts self defense techniques #2 - Regular training is crucial! Practicing techniques, sparring, and preparing yourself routinely for a street fight can mean life or death in some situations. You simply WILL NOT be ready for an actual assault if you don't put on the sparring equipment and go at it with a fighting partner regularly! The fighters in the UFC train almost every day to be combat ready for any opponent. Although studying these fighters is a great resource, it's futile without applying it. You NEED to actually DO the techniques repeatedly to become efficient at them. So join a martial arts club, find an instructor and start training right away!

Mixed martial arts self defense techniques #3 - To truly be an effective fighter, it is VITAL to train against attacks DAILY. Find someone (a buddy, or another member from your self defense class) that is as serious to learn as you are. Together, you should be able to get some pretty good sparring gear. Hopefully, your instructor is "on board" with actual defense techniques, and is committed to practicing them often. Knowing the moves, and DOING the moves, are TWO different things. To be able to effectively defend yourself, you MUST practice defending yourself! Certain apprehensions, such as taking a hit, will dissipate as you continue to train. The thought of physical confrontation will not cause a panic as your self-confidence is built up through routine training.

Make sure you use these three mixed martial arts and street self defense information into daily practice. Utilizing some strategies from the Ultimate Fighting Championships is very effective, too. Make sure you study and practice as often as possible to be your best.

These mixed martial arts self defense techniques that I have shared, staying physically fit, training daily, and incorporating UFC moves into your fighting style, can certainly make you a FAR BETTER FIGHTER, preparing you for an actual assault!

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