Self Defense Tips - Street Fighting and Modern Street Self Defense Tips From the Art of Ninjutsu

You don't have to be a Ninja to get some very powerful street self defense tips from the ancient art of Ninjutsu!

It's true. There was a time when I was discouraged with what was being offered as traditional martial arts masquerading as effective systems of self defense for today's world. I saw a huge difference between what we practiced in class and used in the tournament ring, and what was really needed for surviving a street fighting self defense situation.

Do you know what I mean?

But, here's something that I found out. Not all martial arts were created equal. More to the point, most of the conventional systems of martial arts training that we see today, were modified and radically changed from their original combat forms. Fortunately for us, the art of Ninjutsu, a counter-culture to the ruling Samurai, never made the change.

What that means for those of us looking for effective and, more importantly - proven - self defense tips, is that what is being taught today is the same thing that was being used by people who had to save their lives from attacks practically every day. It means that what we're learning and putting to use in our modern street self defense situations worked again and again. And...

Anything that was tried by an ancient warrior that didn't work - we don't know about. Why? Because it died with him!

Here are 3 powerful self defense tips right from the Ninja's art of Ninjutsu that I seriously recommend adding to your self defense skills. They are not step-by-step techniques but rather concepts that will make any technique better, and they will make techniques that are already good - more powerful and effective than you can imagine!

1. Nagare - "Flow": This is the relaxed natural transition of one movement into another without the jerky, start-stop, robotic action of karate-kata. You naturally slip your attacker's attempted punch, grab, or kick, and then, without stopping, respond with a counter attack of your own.

2. Ritsudo - "Rhythm" or "Timing": The ability to move, defend, or attack at just the right moment that makes both your attack a surprise and impossible for your assailant to defend against!

3. Kotsu - "Essence": The technique behind the physical movements. The idea or strategy that we're applying. Instead of "counter-striking his attacking arm," the Ninja sees this as "neutralizing the force of his attack." This way, it's not "how" we're doing what we're doing, but "what" we're doing to him - and "why."

If you're looking for powerful self defense tips that are effective, time-tested, and proven, then I recommend that you explore the world of Ninjutsu and the Ninja's ability to adapt to, and deal with, modern street fighting self defense attacks.

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Self Defense Tips

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