Before You Get Attacked Do This - Self Defence Tips

Now if your small, female or have never done any type of self defence in the past then I highly recommend purchasing some pepper spray. Pepper spray can be carried around and will fit into most bags or purses. The best sprays on the market can even shoot up to 25 feet which is an amazing distance.
In this article I am going to discuss exactly when you should use your pepper spray to protect yourself from being attacked.

Now most people buy pepper spray and don't use it effectively. You cannot spray the attacker in the eyes when their on top of you punching your face in, if this has happened you have failed. The right time to use pepper spray is when you feel like you're going to be in danger relatively soon. We all have a built in mechanism that tries to keep us alive, when yours is telling you you're in danger, spray that would be attacker in the eyes.

Now they may not have wanted to attack you but with today's world you can't take the chance and after all if someone is being violent and abusive to you it's not your fault when you spray them in the face and their eyes are burning.

After all being sprayed with pepper spray won't kill or even permanently damage your attacker but it will ruin their day, so use the spray with some wise judgement however as I always say your safety is always more important.

If you want to protect yourself you also may want to look at some self defence classes in your area. Another method I found useful to train in self defence was self defence books.

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