A Different Type of Self Defense Technique You'll Want to Try!

Read of a reality based self defense situation I found myself in today. I will try to show you that violence isn't always the only solution when it comes to a real life or death attack on the streets.

So I immediately alerted my cousin who was with me.
Within moments the teenagers tried to get me and my cousin into a street fight. I immediately went into self defence mode and here is what I did.

I admit, I immediately went into a disguised on guard position ready to unleash a barrage of self defence techniques ready and willing for full on combat. I told the teenage gangster wannabe's that I didn't have problems with them and didn't need to prove anything. Then the one teenager who had given me the ugly look, pulled out a canister of bear repellent spray.

Bear spray can be lethal on human beings and is designed for 1000lb grizzly bears in the wilderness. I immediately replied that once again, I had no problems and started walking away from the group with my cousin.

I will admit I was upset after the potential situation, and had thoughts of smashing out the punks if I had the chance. However I de-escalated what could have been a bad situation with a little verbal self defence.

On the way home from work I bumped into the punk that threatened me with the bear spray. He was alone and looked scared out of his mind.

I immediately just walked past him as if I had never seen him before, and honestly I don't care if I ever do. I could have unleashed an arsenal of self defence techniques but I followed through on my passive nature and avoided another situation.

Just remember that you have nothing to prove on the streets and actual combat should be your last option. Fighting should be used as a tool and the very last option you take for real incidents when it is required.

You should always stay calm and aware remembering not to create or be a part of unnecessary conflict in your daily routine of life. I have another story of just about being attacked by three gangster wannabe's on the subway as well, but maybe I will share that story soon.

Be safe and always stare away of potential violence, and when you can avoid fighting by all means do it!

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