Forget Martial Arts and Self Defense Classes - These Self Defense Techniques Work on the Street!

That's right! Forget the martial arts and self defense classes, forget karate, forget most things that you have read about self defense. When it comes to a REAL street attack, all the martial arts moves you spent hours practicing under instruction will be useless.

The aggressive drug user, street robber, or drunken thug will not follow set moves or patterns shown in self defense instruction manuals or martial arts books.You need to know how to disable that threat as quickly as possible and then make good your escape.Unlike martial arts instruction centres or self defense classes there are no rules to street attacks and there are no rules on defending yourself too. Do not be afraid to be a 'dirty' fighter.Before I mention some of the techniques to use to fend off any attacker I must stress these 2 points first;

1) If at all possible, run.

Do not be a hero. No matter how much you make dislike a drunken or drugged up thug trying to rob you, intimidate you, threaten you or hurt you, the best method to stay alive is get out of that situation. They are already in the mindset of confrontation, have planned what they will do and are ready to go. You are unprepared and likely to be hurt. If you see a gap, take it and get clear the situation.

2) Distract your opponent.

They will be expecting you to be intimidated and surprised so do the unexpected. Shout as loud as you can at your attacker and cause a big scene. This may be enough to get them to step back giving you a few seconds with which to escape.

Now, and only now, if you cannot do that, and are boxed in a corner then you can use these moves to stop your attacker no matter how big they are;

1) Groin Kick. Very underestimated in self defense. Remember there are no rules here. Kick as hard as you can, or if you are close or grappling, grab it with your hand, pull and twist. Forget martial arts rules! Go for the groin!

2) Eye gouge. Again, very frowned upon because it is a 'dirty' trick. Yes, it is, but it works. Put your fingers or thumbs into your attackers eyes. As well as pain it will cause blurred vision. Another martial arts no-no but this is the street!

3) Throat punch. A punch or elbow to the throat will have the same effect as choking. Instant pain and a struggle to breathe. Again, a self defense shock tactic to enable you to escape.

4) Neck punch. Similar to the above but on the side of the neck. A hard punch will interrupt the artery blood flow and cause the attacker to faint or at the very least, black out for a split second thus allowing enough time to escape.

5) Cupped hands. Cup your hands and 'clap' his ears. This is a dirty trick that will burst his ear drums and instantly stop any attack. Very effective self defense technique.

6) Nostrils. This one if for very close fighting. Fingers in the nostrils can pull his nose, and hence him, wherever you want. It may sound like a funny one to do but believe me, an attacker of any size can be pulled off another person or yourself, or his head pulled back by a much smaller opponent just by pulling his nose up his face!

7) Side kick to the knee. The knee is a very vulnerable part of the attackers body. A side kick to this can pop his knee out of place with ease, or even shatter the whole kneecap. Just sweep the kick side on to his knee as hard as you can. Those with a little martial arts instruction will be super- effective at this self defense technique.Remember, if you can, then get away as fast as you can. If not, then use the street attack moves above. Yes they are unorthodox, they are dirty but they work. You do not need to know the fancy moves from martial arts and self defense classes. They won't work in real life even if you can remember them all.


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