How to Defend Yourself Against a Knife Attack

In today's world where weapons have become very common we see violence everywhere - in movies, cartoons, on reality shows, and sometimes in real life too. One of the most widely used weapons is the knife, which is effortless to use yet very powerful if successful in hitting the target. Most people are not aware of the
dangers of this simple weapon and even the most sophisticated martial arts training does not include techniques on how to defend oneself against blade attacks.

One of the things you need to remember is that the attacker will not show his weapon in this case until he is ready to hit. Unless the attacker wants you to give him money or do whatever he demands, he will not wait for a reaction from your side to murder you. Often the victim is caught off guard and surprised from sudden lunge attacks when the attacker is equipped with a knife. Another point to keep in mind is that the attacker may use the knife only to frighten you and his main intent is to use his free hand to kill you. Moreover, he is more likely to stab and slash his target a number of times before finishing his job.

Aikido is a Japanese martial arts technique in which they teach good manners and awareness against attacks. It is a combination of moves derived from Jujitsu and Kenjutsu. The technique is to throw the opponent away by gaining control and using their own energy to clear the weapon. This technique or concept may also be termed as "Redirect, Control, Attack, Take Away" or RCAT. While countering the attack, you are supposed to use a throw or a joint lock. Aikido is known as a nonviolent self defense technique because it does not involve hitting or punching your opponent.

Aikido wrist throw is known as kotogaeshi, which can be used to take away the weapon. In any case, you have to maintain a safe distance from your opponent until he moves the blade to cut you. A wrist lock technique known as sankyo may also be used to take control of the knife. Practicing aikido does not require much strength, rather it's a technique mastered by awareness and timing. You need to be aware that your opponent is equipped with a blade and know when he is going to strike. In fitness training, you will be required to practice relaxation, flexibility, and endurance techniques.

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