Self Defense Tips - Street Fighting and Modern Street Self Defense Tips From the Art of Ninjutsu

You don't have to be a Ninja to get some very powerful street self defense tips from the ancient art of Ninjutsu!

It's true. There was a time when I was discouraged with what was being offered as traditional martial arts masquerading as effective systems of self defense for today's world.

Effective Women's Self Defense: Developing the Survivor's Mindset

If you're serious about developing the ability to survive a brutal attack, one of the first things that you realize is that women's self-defense also requires the proper mindset. And, the type of mindset that I focus on in this article involves knowing that there are actual threats out there, knowing what they are and the fact that you are at risk, and believing in yourself and your ability to be a survivor should the worst happen to you! If you're ready to hear what most women don't want to hear... read on!

Women's Self-Defense Tips and Tactics: What to Hit Him With!

In the realm of women's self-defense training, there are generally two very different theories. One says that a woman can learn the same techniques, tactics, skills and strategies as a man - that self-defense is no different for men and women. The other "camp" says that the only thing that a woman needs to know is how to deliver a well-placed kick to the groin and she's home free.

The Difference Between Martial Arts And Self Defence

The terms "Martial Arts" and "Self-Defence" are often confused as alternative names for the same thing. These days however, with the increased attention toward "real world" systems such as Krav Maga for example, it seems people are finally starting to recognise the differences between them. Unfortunately though, the same old trend of competing martial artists arguing over whose system is better, which beats which etc. hasn't been lost.

One Easy Self-Defense Tip ANYONE Can Perform

There is a difference between Self-Defense (or "Self Protection" - an increasingly popular term) and Martial Arts. That's not to say that Martial Arts cannot be used for self-defense, but rather that they are a superset of it and more emphasis is usually put on the "Art" or sports element than in the practical self-defense aspects. Furthermore, since they tend to spend a long time training in one system or another to become proficient at it, there may be a tendency among them to push their style as "the best" and to close their minds to other styles.

An Ounce of Prevention: Tips For Women's Self Defense

Like the age old adage, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" the best self defense strategy is being able to avoid a situation all together. While even the most seasoned combat veteran can fall prey to a criminal, there are measures you can take to decrease the likelihood of becoming a victim.

Woman Self-Defence - 3 Best Techniques You Must Know When Confronted By A Rapist or Mugger!

Do you really need to attend a formal martial class for your to learn practical woman self-defence techniques? No. Self-defence has more to do with common sense and how you should respond or react instinctively when being attacked. Most of the practical and effective self-defence techniques are barred from combat sports competitions or martial arts classes.

Woman Self-Defense - The Secret Techniques You Must Know!

You don't have time for woman self-defense lesson? Just spend 3 minutes to finish reading this article, one day you might need to use this technique to save your live or your loved ones.

The self-defense groin kick is no doubt a valuable street fighting technique that a woman must possess! A well executed kick to the groin could instantly end a vicious attack. Pay close attention to these aspects when executing a groin kick.

Do You Need A Self Defense Product? Check This List to Find Out

Self defense weapons can be divided into two categories: Lethal and less than or non-lethal. Not everyone can or should carry a lethal form of self defense, but there are non lethal alternatives available for everyone. So who should keep a self defense product? Should you?

The purpose of non lethal self defense products is to disable or distract an attacker long enough for the potential victim to escape from a threatening situation or to get help. They are not designed to permanently injure another being.

Pepper Spray Vs. Stun Guns: Which One Is Better?

It takes nothing more than a quick glance at a newspaper, or a few minutes of watching the evening news to grasp how violent the world is becoming. Acts of violence occur even in places that used to be considered sanctuaries, such as schools and churches. The question no longer needs to be, will something happen to me, but rather, what will I do if I am the target of a crime.