Self Defense - How to Stop a Would-be Rapist in His Tracks!

If there is one crime that people, mainly women, fear more than any other crime it is a sexual attack - rape to be specific. Just the thought of another person using force to invade your body in this manner is repugnant. But there are ways to make the mongrels who commit or attempt to commit this disgusting crime to stop dead in their tracks before they get too far into their actions.

Some of these methods are verbal. But I'm not going to pussy-foot around teaching you how to psychologically outmaneuver these criminals. No. I'm going to give you a REAL technique - a physical one.

Before I even attempt to describe this technique I must say that it is dangerous. It must NOT be used unless you are in very real fear of being physically engaged in this most serious assault. To use this technique is a LAST RESORT method. It is something that would be used only after all other avenues fail OR in the actual commission of the crime itself.

Sex-attackers come in all shapes and sizes. The targets are normally women. The attackers often have only one thing on their mind - the attack. Attackers can outweigh their intended victims by 20,30,50 or even 100 pounds or more. The attackers may even be very strong. The sex-attack can therefore be EXTREMELY one-sided. It is therefore useless to try to overpower the sex-attacker. However, even against a heavily-muscled and powerful sex attacker this technique will work. The only thing that you will need to determine will be your timing.

[There is a technique that I am unable to describe here for reasons of site policy. I respect that policy. However, I am able to describe it fully and in great detail at my own site at the destination shown below.]

Your FIRST concern should be escape. Run. Run to a group of people if that is possible. Next, you need to find your nearest police station. When you arrive you should ask for a DNA kit to be brought to the interview.

[Further information of this technique is available on enquiry].

When a police alert is issued through the media he WILL be identified.

As I have already warned - this is a SERIOUS defense. It should ONLY be used in times of dire peril. To use such a technique just because you changed your mind during normal sexual intercourse will see you in a LOT of trouble. Do not underestimate the power and danger of this technique - OR the legal issues if you use it unwisely.

REMEMBER: You should ONLY use this dangerous technique for the most urgent SELF-DEFENSE. You should NOT use it for any other purpose. I take no responsibility for the use or mis-use of this technique. This information is provided entirely under the responsibility of your own personal judgement.

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