Simple Self Defense Steps For Women

The general idea of defending yourself as a woman depends on your ability to fight back when you are physically attacked. Unfortunately, crime is always on the rise and the common citizens, including women, seem to be on the defensive side.

Too often, women have been the victims of attacks like rape and kidnapping. The best self-defense moves for women are based on the idea that the attacker must get hurt, or even worse disabled, if you have to avoid getting hurt.

Regardless of your size, age, strength or previous training; it is important that you learn the following self-defense moves for women.

Move #1: Eye Gouge

This is one of the most straight forward moves which involve targeting your attacker's eyes. However, this doesn't imply scratching or poking someone's eyes with a single finger.

The eye gouge move involves sticking your thumb directly into the attacker's eye socket, rupturing the attacker's eyeball then dragging your thumb knuckle deep across the opposite of the eye.

This will cause the assailant to retract and escape to safety or if the damage is severe, the attacker will be forced to run to the local hospital emergency room. This will give you a chance to fight back and identify your assailant.

Move #2: Ear slap

This is another pretty simple self-defense move for every woman. Strike the attacker's ear properly with a slightly cupped hand. If you have access to hitting just one ear, it will just do fine.

A well performed slap disorients your attacker or even ruptures his eardrums sending him crumpling to the ground in extreme pain. After that, you can gouge the eyes because a disoriented attacker is usually left defenseless and wide open.

Move #3: Ball Buster/Groin Strike

The testicles are considered to be the most sensitive area in a man's body. If you can reach your attacker's testicles with your knee, hit them hard. The majority of guys hardly expect an attack on their groin, hence making this self-defense move highly effective.

However, if you can grab the testicles as well, squeeze them as hard as you can and for as long as you can until the attacker drops to the ground or lets you go. This because squeezing the testicles can create extreme pain for the attacker.

Move #4: Foot Stomp

This is the most appropriate self-defense move if you are being attacked from behind. Before stomping you attacker, aim at the upper part of the foot and not the toes.

However, it may take you a couple of stomps or more before the attacker succumbs to the pain. When the pain becomes unbearable, the assailant will definitely let you go.

Move # 5: Bite

The majority of women overlook this tactic but is highly effective if you are being held in a head lock with the attacker's body.

For instance, you can wrap your arms around his waist and take a big bite of his side like you mean it. Do not release the bite until you are sure that your attacker can't bear the pain anymore.

These are the best self-defense moves for every woman. A majority of these moves are recommended for young girls who are considered to be more vulnerable to attacks like rape as mentioned earlier.

If you are concerned about your own safety and that of your children, these are the best self-defense moves for you or your children to remember in case of an attack.

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