Alertness and Self Defence

It is a fact that untoward and threatening situations can never be preempted with certainty. However, it is imperative that whenever faced with such a situation, one should stay calm and composed and avoid getting panicked. Moreover, you should always keep a poker face and ensure eye contact with the attacker or
intruder just to give him the very first impression that you are not scared and he has failed in his very first move as considering you an easy target who would give in without any hindrances. It is in such pressure and fearsome situations that your personality and inner strength is really put to one of the toughest tests of your life. Such experiences can undoubtedly be mentally and physically testing.

It is only when you come in direct connect with such instances and experiences that you realize the importance and value of self defence mechanisms and techniques. Amongst many other aspects it covers, self defence enables you to be mentally alert and prepared for such instances. In other words, you would know your next logical step (as per the situation) and won't be stumped! Self defence basically trains your mind to be wary and cognizant of such situations and then react to it in an appropriate manner to save yourself from imminent physical threat or use of force. On the contrary, and particularly in case of women, if you are not accustomed with the modes and tactics of self defence, then you will only panic and get into more trouble.

In a lot of cases, women who are not accustomed to self defence modes would be most vulnerable to attacks and harassment from attackers without much respite and unfortunately end up being victimized. For such women, the psychological scars remain forever and it sort of ruins a part of their life which could have been normal like others.

Keeping in mind the preceding, it is imperative to understand the absolute vitality of learning self defence methods and using them to your advantage. Self defence deals with physical as well as mental aspects of defending oneself. In addition to the safety aspects, it is one of the best ways to attain the physical and mental strength which in turn gives you the confidence in yourself pertaining to self protection.

Moreover, as part of self defence, one should always be cognizant of incidents and break in to your work areas or homes, particularly at night time and take all possible steps towards safeguarding yourself.

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