Real Self Defence Is Understanding The Dangers

There are many books on the subject of self-defence, protection and unarmed combat and many of them are thought provoking. But real self-defence is understanding the dangers!

But how do you dissect the elements that work into a total concept?
Let's break it down into a few essential elements and see what really happens and how people react under stress.

Understanding the Dangers.

Are you ready and equipped both physically and mentally do you have total confidence in your martial arts system. Truly, are you really prepared to face your enemy/attacker? The vicious cunning, violent predator now standing right in front of you. Yes, that's right him the salivating, snarling threatening individual who just loves hurting people for the fun of it.

I suspect that most of you reading this article have never come across or had to deal with one of these vicious criminals because to the average person they are an alien species.

To make an analogy, think of this, we all know that vampires are mythical creatures of the night. We'll, I sure as hell hope they are. Anyway they are in the minds of the movie makers and they make you shiver with fright in the cinema, well they do me.

But of course you don't have to worry about meeting one or biting you on your way home afterwards because they don't exist right? So most people feel that way about robbers and killers until they meet one they simply don't exist.

You might say I believe in vampires and you'd be right because I've met them and guess what, in a street fight you'll probably meet one too. How's that? You see, in a real street fight and I mean a blood and guts fight not handbags at ten yards crap.

You see, in a street fight it's highly likely that you'll meet a vampire who will try to sink his teeth into some part of your anatomy ouch! Oh yer, until bits come off like ears, lumps of flesh etc, sounds horrible doesn't it. So is getting kicked to death in the street for no other reason than you happen to be there.

That's why you have to know the danger signs and train accordingly. I do mean reality and be prepared for the worst should it happen to you. You have to train body and mind to react just like a pit bull terrier. In short, you go in hard, fast and hang on in there no matter what until the job is done or you are. Meaning, you're up and he's down. Get my point?

Of course, the trick is not to get caught out in the first place. Awareness means being aware of your surroundings and the environment you find yourself in because it's highly likely you could have avoided the situation in the first place. Remember, having to fight is the last option when there is no where else to go. You can call it if you will passive safety measures.

Do you have the will to retaliate? The criminal fraternity out there are just waiting for some unsuspecting citizen; it might be you, to come along so they can apply their trade of beating and robbing you or even worse. Yes, they're all out there pickpockets, purse snatchers, robbers, and murderers.

Unfortunately, many criminals look innocent, bright and engaging and not always the stereo type you see on TV or film they employ tactics like deception and miss-direction they may stop to ask you the time or directions to some place. Beware, this is a trick to try to distract you and get you to drop your guard so they can attack without warning while you are vulnerable, as you casually look down at your wrist watch he'll strike.

What happens next is simple, Bam, Bam, you're out of the race before you even stepped up to the start line. And they do it without any remorse what so ever. You are just another pay-day to them. Payment for some more crack or liquor thank you very much sucker. All of a sudden the mister nice guy has become the blood spitting teeth showing vampire and you are his latest victim. Welcome to the real world.

Importantly, if you don't have a game plane in place for just those types of situations then you are not training realistically. Today's criminals are using different tactics and you must be aware of what they are. What's more you have to train to combat this by training in simple gross motor movements over and over again so your actions become instinctive.

After all, they only need one technique such as a punch on the chin why, because they know it works they've used it many times before on unsuspected victims to good effect. So they don't need lots of different techniques or hour upon hour training in the dojo. All they need is just the one technique see my point. Plus, they are already pumped up for action. You want be. That means, you are straight away at a disadvantage and unless you realise what is going on during the interview process because that's what it is it will be over for you pretty quickly.

What you must understand here is this, I am not talking about going five rounds in a boxing ring or sparring in the dojo, I attack you defend then it's my turn and so on. No. I am talking about getting the job done in an instant. Straight in immediately the attack is imminent causing pain on entry in order to finish it as quickly as possible using just one or two techniques and then getting away from the situation fast. Under stress you won't be able to string all the fancy moves together anyway, that's why I preach simplicity in everything I do. I've said it a thousand times before simple works.

Why do I say your training must be realistic, because you fight as you train unless you build into your training realistic scenarios you will not be able to re-produce the techniques you have learned in the training hall it's a simple truth and an important concept to bear in mind. Naturally it's best to consider these aspects in advance and make plans which can help you walk or talk your way out of trouble even before it gets physical. If you can.

By the way, only things like big vicious dogs such as a Doberman frighten criminals away. If you have one congratulations you've taken the first step towards your own self-protection.

To sum up, knowing the dangers involved with protecting yourself in today's violent society is not just recommended it's essential. You as one of the good guys need all the help you can get.

When your back is against the wall you must either conquer or suffer. In other words, real self-defence is understanding the dangers.

Stay safe.

Buzz Campion.

How much is your safety worth? Urban Close Combat instructor, Buzz Campion, is the author of a very useful and informative new self defence and awarness guide that will teach every women how to avoid or defend herself against an unprovoked violent attack in the home at work or in the street.

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