9 Essential Self-Defence Tips For Women Using Public Transport

Women are exposed to a significant level of risk of violence and crime, especially in some cities. Unfortunately women are considered as the weaker sex and targeted for violence on a routine basis. Hence fear of violence or attack is often lurking in the minds of every woman.

As violence in our society is on the rise, awareness of simple self-defence techniques will definitely instill in her a sense of security. Common sense is the most powerful weapon that a woman should use when she encounters with some piquant situation.

A woman should be equipped with self-protecting methods and techniques to safeguard her against physical abuse or assaults in case of any contingencies. However self-defence for a woman involves staying alert and using her common sense rather than her fists.

Women should be aware of some basic ways to protect themselves, especially when they depend on public transport for commuting. Here are some tips for women to protect themselves when using public transport.

1. Whether travelling by bus or train, it is better to stick to the vehicle or compartment that is well-populated and avoid isolating yourself. Never travel in a bus alone or with only men for company.

2. It is wise and safe to sit near the front of the bus, so that in case of danger, you can call for help or even make a quick exit. Often, if you sit near the bus driver or the entrance, potential assailants are less likely to target you.

3. Be alert and aware of what is happening in the surroundings. Using a mobile phone to call or text or listening to music or reading a book can allow you to let your guard down and be dangerous.

4. Do not share or reveal any personal information about yourself to anyone, especially a stranger, during bus or train conversations.

5. Be aware of the bus timings and always wait at a bus stop where other people are already waiting. Wait for your bus or train in a well-lit area. Be aware of the route the bus normally takes and avoid travelling late at night. It is also safer to memorize the bus schedule so that you know when to expect your bus promptly.

6. Ensure that you carry a self-defence weapon in your pocket, purse or back-pack. It may be a personal protection product, mace, pepper spray, Taser or a stun gun. If you feel that someone is about to assault or attack you spray the pepper on his eyes and run off immediately.

Pepper spray is designed to be sprayed on the face of the attacker and has the power to make even a black belt in martial arts to go to his knees. Women can also use shockers or personal alarms that emit a loud sound when switched on.

7. When travelling alone, send regular messages or alerts to your loved ones using the mobile and internet. Download a free mobile application like Guardian Angel One, that allows you to send an alert to 5 of your closest acquaintances with your GPS location as well as update your Facebook status, so that they know where you are at all times.

Guardian Angel One also has an exclusive arming facility by which you can inform your colleagues/friends that you will arrive at a destination at a given time. Arm your application by setting the time of arrival. If you do not dis-arm your Guardian Angel, it will send out alerts to your list of trusted friends.

8. In case you are taking a cab or a rickshaw, ask for the driver's name and cab number from the cab company. Send the cab or rickshaw number to your guardians so that they know whom you are travelling with. Never accept rides from unsolicited cabs.

9. Keep all your personal belongings and valuables safe and secure in your bag properly zipped to lessen chances of being approached by potential assailants and predators. Have the cab fare ready in hand to settle the amount quickly and to make a quick exit. This also ensures that your purse or wallet is out of sight.

As assault or harassment of women in public transport is becoming rampant it is a good idea for women to use the tips above to learn to defend themselves.

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