5 Self Defence Tricks Everyone Should Know to Protect Their Loved Ones

In a world where crime and violence are commonplace, it's more important than ever to be able to protect ourselves and the people we love. It isn't hard, and doesn't take years of hard training and practice to master basic self defence techniques. Anyone who is serious about protecting themselves and their loved ones from armed assault should know these 5 important tricks.

1. How to get your attacker to expose his most vulnerable targets

By using one simple tactic, you can actually take an attacker down with one single strike. He won't even see this move coming, and won't realize you've set him up until he's on his back, writhing in agony.

2. How to use your hands to deliver devastating strikes

Even your hands can act as critical self defence weapons if you use them right. In fact, it's more important to know something about the principals of force and inertia than it is to be a musclebound hulk when it comes to self protection.

By using one simple hand movement combined with a nearby wall, you can actually break bones and cause concussions.

3. Why cushioning your hands with padding and gloves is pointless

In a real street assault, it's unlikely you'll be wearing any kind of protection on your hands, unless it's cold and you have gloves on. But this is easily overcome by a special knockout technique that has been proven countless times in bars and real street combat to be more effective than your heaviest haymaker and quickly dropping an attacker like a sack of dirt.

4. The vulnerable areas you must drill into quickly to shut down an opponent's fighting ability

By exploiting weak spots on the body, you can easily cause panic in your attacker and render him incapable of attacking you, which gives you time to run for help or call the police.

5. The "hidden-in-plain-sight" target of the body that even few elite spec ops soldiers know about

There is one simple move that is so simple, in fact, that a little girl could use it to leave an attacker in a devastated mess. Very few people know about this technique, and for good reason.

By learning about this one vulnerable part of the body and how to shut it down with one simple move, you can quickly master self defence principals without needing years of difficult training in a martial art.

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