Learning the Rules of Self Defense

The first rule in self defense is that there are no rules to follow when your life is at stake. The other rules that you need to remember serve to boost your confidence and make you ready to fight. Your goal is to win and for that you are allowed to use every tactic and technique to your own advantage rather than thinking about
your opponent. Knowing that your opponent might be equipped with some deadly weapon makes you act fast and gain control instead of waiting for a reaction from your opponent's side. Let's find out what else you need to remember when protecting yourself in a physical attack.

If someone attacks you, physically or verbally, the first point to remember is that they had no right to do so. You are a free citizen of a free nation and if such an assault takes place it will be considered a crime and the attacker may face dire consequences if caught by the authorities. Having said that, feel it is incumbent upon you to avoid such situations where you might end up in a fight pr physical violence. First avoid and then defend when you have no other choice left.

Trust your abilities when you are in a violent situation. Don't show fear or vulnerability even if you are all alone and the attacker has got you in a deserted place. Not everyone is equipped with martial arts training but you should at least be able to read the body language of your opponent. Learning this technique will allow you to judge your attacker's next move. It will also be helpful in knowing if he is carrying a weapon.

In a physical fight, it's not the strength of the persons involved that matters but their courage and commitment. Even if you are shorter and weaker or your attacker is stronger and more powerfully built it should not make you surrender and put down your defenses in front of your opponent. The same is true for women; although they are the weaker sex it doesn't mean they cannot fight or defend themselves.

When caught in a violent situation, trust your instincts. Humans have a natural ability to smell danger and react accordingly. If you have a feeling you are not safe, think in advance. Informing someone nearby or sending a message from your cell phone can help you avoid a bad situation or dangerous encounter with a criminal.

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