Street Self Defense Vs Traditional Martial Arts

I've trained in a wide variety of traditional martial arts over the years and sadly have come to realisation that most aren't effective in real street fights and attacks. I have friends with great martial arts skills who have faced terrible violence and where their training has let them down.

I believe that street self defense is the real answer to dealing with the violent attacks and aggression we face in the modern world. For your own and the safety of your family and loved ones I strongly recommend you learn more on this subject.

Martial arts like aikido and judo are just too complex to be effective for most people. Many martial arts like Taekwondo and Karate are designed for or have evolved into competition sports. Yes with years of training they become highly effective but very few people have the patience and dedication or time to master them. The techniques and moves they use are too broad, complex and intricate for real street situations. When faced with a real attack the body reacts in its own ways and those years of training go out the window very quickly. What may seem great in the dojo suddenly feels very weak. The attacks most traditional martial arts teach you to defend against just aren't real either. Most street fights are out and out brawls with 'windmill' punching and grabbing and pushing - there is no form or style. Often attack or distraction are the best form of defense.

Street self defense is a system of simple and highly effective techniques which will prepare you for attacks and violence in the world today. They aren't pretty or impressive to look at but they do work! Street self defense is an ideal system for women and doesn't require high levels of fitness or training. The training environment should encourage everyone.

Martial arts moves from a combination of styles and systems - including krav maga and king fu - are used and the focus is on 'getting the job done' That may mean a strike to a weak part of the body followed by a hasty getaway. We should never feel bad about running away from a fight - far better to survive without injury even if our ego may be hurt!

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