Safety For Women: Fighting Back Against Rapists

In a world marred with discrimination, insecurity and injustice, it's in inevitable to have sadists who want to hurt or take advantage of others. Rape is one of those despicable acts that these sadists often engage in, causing irreparable pain and suffering to their victims.

Women who've fallen victim to this heinous act of violence not only become emotionally scarred for life but also find it difficult to have a normal working sexual relationship afterwards. They often prefer to remain single even late into their adulthood.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, at least one woman aged 18 and over in the United States is forcibly raped every two minute. A staggering 33% of all women in the country are likely to experience rape at least once in their lives with the perpetrator, 82% of the time being someone they knew.

Sadly, only one out of every six rape incidences is reported to the police due to stigma related issues. Therefore, as far as rape and sexual assault is concerned every woman has to learn to effectively protect themselves.

Here are a number of self-defense instructions to help you fight back against most types of sexual related assaults.

Use a distraction to plan an escape.

A physical, verbal or visual distraction will buy you some time to plan your next move, attack or method of escape. You can pick up an expedient weapon or a defensive item, throw an object that will force the assailant to duck or seek for cover, or begin yelling loudly or deeply.

Fight back.

If the situation allows it, you should fight back with ferocity and intensity. Use your natural weapons, your teeth, nails, knees, elbows, hands and feet can be quite handy when it comes to self-defense.

Go for every target, but do so with every intention of getting away as the assailant may overpower you at any time during your counter attack. Some of the most vulnerable areas to target include the throat, the Adams apple, eyes, nose, groin and lips.

The best way to develop your personal self-defense skills and overcome your fear of confrontation is to take some form of martial arts training classes.

Defuse the situation.

The best way to try and defuse the situation is to act or play along. Be calm and try to strike a conversation with the assailant if possible. Complying with the attacker's demands will reduce their adrenaline levels and help them think a bit more rationally. This will probably help the attacker change their mind or give you an opportunity to escape or fight back.


Sometimes an attack is so fast and aggressive that the only way to survive it is to comply with the attackers demands. A situation where an assailant is armed with a deadly weapon or an object that could cause serious bodily injury will in most cases require you to be compliant.

Self-Defense Tips

You can arm yourself with some form of safety device or product if you feel like a situation calls for it. Mace cans, pepper sprays or even small folding knives can be very effective in deterring potential rapists.

You can also send an SOS from your mobile phone to 5 trusted Guardians using a free application like Guardian Angel One that alerts trusted friends with your GPS location and posts a Facebook alert too.

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