Tips to Keep You Alive on the Street - Self Defence for Women

Did you know that one in six women are likely to be attacked and sexually abused in their lifetime? I didn't know this until recently and I was shocked and discussed by my fellow mankind, for this reason I'm writing this article so you don't become the next victim to these scummy people.
With this article I am going to give you some free tips on who to protect yourself  if you're ever unlucky enough to get caught out by a low life attacker.

My first tip is to throw everything out of the window and start with a blank slate. Forget about being civil and go back to your caveman/woman roots. This is extreme survival and knowing that alone will help when you're on the street. If some low life on the street comes up to you asking for your bag while pointing a knife at you just give him the bag, your life is worth more than your bag and the contents inside, however if the situation is different and some punk comes up to you telling you to hand over your money but you don't see no knife and you think they may cause you harm even after you have handed your bag over then you must do something.

By doing something you are likely to increase your survival odds by over 50%. You only need a distraction to get away from your attacker. I recommend and eye poke, kick to the groin or even by using an item like an umbrella or set of keys to hit the attacker in the face. Once you have done one of these then get out of there and don't wait around.

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