The Best Self Defense Techniques for Women

Self Defense for Women - Unusual Self Defense Weapons for Women - Some Tips and Techniques!

Many self defense classes will teach you how to stay out of trouble and avoid being attacked or if you are attacked how to defend yourself.
Some self defense technique suggestions may include the use of pepper or mace sprays, and the use of nerve pressure points to help in deterring an attacker. Although the older methods of self defense are what most people use, knowledge and use of everyday items as unusual weapons can be beneficial.

Things that you have with you on an everyday basis can often be used to deter someone who wishes to attack you or your offspring. Accepted expert knowledge states that most attacks are carried out with theft in mind and that the thief is aiming for a lady's handbag. Unless you are an expert in the martial arts or self defense then the best advice is to relinquish the handbag, however, if your assailant has other ideas then really give him your handbag. Most lady's handbags are heavy and can be used as a weapon to deter an attacker. If you hit someone with a good blow to the head it may leave your attacker unable to pursue their attack so that you can make your escape. Another good area to hit someone with a heavy handbag is between the legs, swing the bag in a big arc at your attacker's groin area and he won't want to do much afterward, this will allow you to get away quickly.

When the weather is bad many ladies carry an umbrella which can be used as quite a formidable weapon, however it needs to be used in the correct way. You must use the pointed end as swinging the umbrella like a sword or stick is unlikely to stop your attacker. A lunge forward with the point of the umbrella at your attackers face, especially around the eyes or mouth is likely to deter them from further hostile activity. If you can't get at the face then a stab in the abdomen just below the breastbone is likely to have a similar deterrent effect. A hard and sharp poke in the ribs will also deter an assailant.

Many self defense teachers will advise grabbing a handful of hair and pulling hard as a deterrent. This should be very much down to a last resort, if at all possible you don't want your attacker to be close enough to allow you to do this. But if they are you more than likely have something in your handbag which can be used as a weapon; hair brushes can be used to jab at the assailant and dragging stiff bristles across an attacker's eyes has beneficial results. A comb dragged across skin acts virtually like a knife, although it is unlikely to do any lasting damage the pain inflicted can be significant. If the comb has a pointy end it can be used to to stab. Hairspray, sprayed into your attackers face aiming for the eyes will temporarily blind an attacker, if you are a smoker then striking a light whilst spraying the hair spray will turn an innocuous object into a significant flame throwing weapon, although this should only be used as a last resort.

In conclusion there are many items in your handbag which can be used to deter an attacker, always be aware of what items you have so that in the event of an attack you are ready to use whatever you have to hand.

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