Female Self Defense - Avoid Being a Target

Self defense for women is different from just any old self defense. Most women naturally have a weaker muscle structure than men so I recommend that you don't try getting into a punching frenzie with a guy unless you've had specific training for it. Most women I know haven't had any training at all.

So what should women do for self defense?

Avoid kicking and punching unless you've had plenty of training with those techniques. Self defense for women is much safer for yourself if you use parts that can tolerate more abuse. People tend to naturally punch for the face in a self-defense scenario but there are a lot of easier moves that will inflict more pain enabling you to escape.

Female Self Defense Tactics

Here are a few examples of easy self defense techniques:

    Pinch soft tissue inside of upper leg
    Pinch back of arm half way between elbow and shoulder
    Strike with palm of hand under nose
    Flick testicles with back of hand
    Grab testicles and squeeze
    Grab top of ear and tear downwards
    Gouge thumbs into eyes
    Use arch between thumb and finger to launch into throat, then squeeze

Now these techniques will cause a lot of pain and damage so should never be used first off. Only use them when you are in fear of your own safety. Afterall that is the laws requirements for self defense. Do you wonder how you could get away from a strong guy if he grabbed hold of you? That is a huge concern for a lot of women, but there is a tactic you can use to help you break loose...I call it the pre-escape:

Womens Self Defense - Pre Escape!

I understand that some women have no self confidence when it comes to self defense, and you really shouldn't be ashamed of that. My Pre-Escape technique will distract your attacker and give you the opportunity to make your escape. It is acting out of fear that will make you instinctively try to struggle if somebody grabs you, but in a realistic scenario you wouldn't be able to pull away from a stronger attacker.

By pre-escape I mean pain distraction. You need to cause some kind of pain which will distract your attacker for a split second giving you more of a chance to break free...his concentration will be temporarily directed to the pain you have just caused him. You will then use this opportunity to use your womens self defense technique to make your escape.

Pre-Escape Techniques:

The technique you use depends on your distance, positionings and how you are grabbed...a knee to the groin or any of the techniques mentioned previously would all have a positive effect towards helping you escape.

Ladies it's time to fight back

Keep Safe

Shaun Warner

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Shaun Warner has 25 years experience in the Self Defense industry, he has trained with champions and taught his methods to men, women and children of different social status. He holds a 2nd degree black belt in Kickboxing and Qualifications in various other styles. To find out more about Shaun see what he is up to at:


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