3 Self Defence Techniques That Guarantee You Come Out Alive

It is a painful reality that street crime is rampant these days. Even people who do not think they are in danger can be attacked; in fact, these are the most vulnerable people. No neighborhood or area is completely safe, so if you do not take the time to learn some basic self defence techniques, you are failing to fully protect yourself from the dangers of the world.

There are three self defence techniques you can use that are proven to be very effective in stopping criminals.

1. Short punches

Using a tightly closed fist with your thumb on the outside, you can deliver a series of short, quick punches to an attacker. These are most effective at debilitating an attacker fast, especially if they are aimed at vulnerable areas. Short punches also give you the chance to keep your balance most effectively.

2. Use tools around you

If you are caught in a street fight, odds are there will be things around you, such as trash cans, sticks, or rocks. Anything around you is fair game in a street attack by a mugger or gang member. You are defending your life here; you can't mess around.

If you have the opportunity to grab a heavy stick, do it. Sticks and blunt objects make good weapons for self defence - as do umbrellas and canes.

3. Use your natural weapons

Your body has its own set of natural weapons: fists make for good blunt blows, elbows can be sharp and devastating if aimed at the face and torso, and knees are optimal for attacking the groin and abdomen. Also, your feet can be used to deliver a fast stomp to the foot of your attacker.

These are just three basic self defence techniques you can use to defend yourself. Hopefully the need will never arise, but being prepared for an attack is one of the best ways of helping your survival in this dangerous world.

Learn more about vulnerable areas of the body and how you can become a powerful and effective street fighter from your own home.

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