Three Moves That Make Silat The Best Fighting Style In Self Defense

Silat is a national self defense in Malaysia. It is known as the best fighting style in self defense. The silat techniques have been used by police, royal army, securities and professional bodyguard in order to increase their self defense moves.

The strength of silat is based from the step movements and deadly skills that can knock out your enemy instantly. Many silat experts admit that the silat movements are originated from the art of war. Thus, all the techniques are based from human geometrical lines that suite with human movements. However, there are three self defense moves that you need to master in order to use silat effectively as self defense. There are;

1. Defensive moves. You need to master the defensive moves to counter strike your opponent. It is also important to determine the distance of your opponent from you in order to fight back with a proper defensive technique. In addition, you need to master the avoiding technique to receive any strikes from your opponent within 1-2 meters away from you. However, if the distance is within one meter, you need to block the strike. Both techniques should follow with counter strikes to your opponent either with hand or leg. The catching and locking techniques are only used to receive any fast strikes within 0.5 meter from you.

2. Attacking moves. The silat philosophy is 'to avoid the fight unless in desperate situation'. Thus, it is impossible to see any silat exponents involve in any crimes due to this quote. However, if there are any emergency situations, you can use your skills to stop any crimes including robbery, fighting or theft. Some attacking techniques that you need to master in order to attack are punching and kicking. You also need to master the fake strikes in order to confuse your opponent. These fighting techniques are important particularly when you fight with somebody that is bigger than you. Any strikes that aimed to specific killer point on your opponent body can help you to save time while fighting with more than two opponents.

3. Counter attack moves. This is a powerful skill that rarely found in other self defense. It is also known as 'potong'. Counter attack is used when your opponent catch your hand in order to lock your movements. Usually, your opponent will badly injure due to the effectiveness of this technique. This is the best skill to beat any martial arts or other self defense that emphasizes on catching and locking techniques.

Thus, silat is the best fighting style due to the factors described above in any fighting situation. This is because silat is originated from the art of war that emphasizes more on attacking moves rather than defensive moves. However, due to it uniqueness, many peoples falsely thought that silat is just for entertainment rather than self defense.

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