Best Self Defense Against Assaults

In the year 2009, which is the last year that the federal government had statistics for aggravated assaults, stats show that the rate percentage wise is actually going down. Aggravated assault is assault with a deadly weapon. The penalty for aggravated assault is much more severe than just regular assault which doesn't include a deadly weapon. When you look at just regular assaults, the ones without a deadly weapon, the number of reported cases is actually on the increase.

And the shocker is it has been estimated that the actual number of assaults is way under-reported mostly due to domestic violence cases.

Almost as scary as that number is the fact that women continue to be the targets in nine out of ten cases of violence. And that doesn't include just assaults or aggravated assaults but robberies, domestic violence of course, home invasions and even carjackings.

I recommend to women and men that they've develop a self-defense strategy using a good self-defense course as the foundation on which to build. Not only does it teach you techniques that can help you defend yourself that will last you a lifetime but it helps to build your self-confidence so you don't walk around in fear.

Once you have that foundation in place then choose one of these three self-defense products. Not only are they the most popular but they are the most effective as well.

The first is the C-2 taser. It was developed by Taser International specifically for women with four color choices of red, blue, silver, pink and yellow and the sleek design that appeals to women. Taser has new packaging now for the C2 that includes a practice training cartridge, a holster, a practice target and two live cartridges. It is still the most expensive self-defense product at close to $400.00 but it is the most effective bar none with nearly a 100 percent take down rate.

Second on the list is the pretender stun gun. At 4.5 million volts it is one of the strongest if not the strongest stun gun on the market today. A 3 to 5 second application of a stun gun to an assailant will disable him for 5 to 10 minutes allowing you time to escape the predicament you are in.

And third on the list is the Mace pepper gun. With the longest range of any self-defense product in the world at 25 feet, the pepper gun uses a derivative of one of the most powerful peppers in the world. The spray can disable an assailant for up to 45 minutes by tearing up his eyes, causing him to cough, choke and make his breathing very difficult. And the pain it causes oh my gosh-nasty stuff!

Get one of these products for self-defense against all kinds of assaults.

When are you getting one?

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