3 Simple Ways to Learn Self Defense at Home

Many trained martial artists and self defense teachers will say you can't learn self defense at home; no dojo, no training ground, no place to practice with a real partner. In these cases, you can actually learn self defense at home. There are many home training courses, DVDs, and books that teach self defense techniques.

To learn self defense at home, you should focus on three things:

1. Staying fit

Keeping fit and light on your feet is important for any type of home training or physical endeavor. By being fit, you will stand more of a chance should you ever have to be faced with a real fight. You can stay fit by doing basic exercise like jogging, walking, running, cycling, playing a sport, or even simple home drills outside like running from one end of the driveway and back several times in a row so you get your heart rate up.

2. Getting a good learning system

Make sure you choose an authentic home defense course from a certified trainer. There are plenty available from amazon.com or through independent sellers. This also gives you the freedom to choose what style of martial arts or realistic self protection you want to learn, such as krav maga or Brazilian jujitsu or some combination of mixed martial arts.

3. Remembering that protecting yourself is mental first and foremost

Self protection starts in the mind. By believing you are capable of defending yourself and always being conscious and aware of your surroundings, you will automatically reduce your chances of being in danger. Criminals will go after the person who is talking on a cell phone and obviously distracted before they go after someone who keeps a straight posture, appears physically prepared and alert, and is clearly aware of what is going on in the world around them.

Following these 3 things, you can learn self defense at home in just a matter of weeks if you stick with it and dedicate yourself to practicing at least five times a week.

Real self defense starts in the mind. Get the confident mindset you need to defend yourself and your loved ones by learning realistic self defense techniques.

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