Quick and Effective Self Defense Techniques For Men

When it comes to self defense, the fighting techniques you choose should focus on eliminating the threat to you or your loved ones as quickly as possible. This means that there is no room in self defense for fancy or complicated moves.

Over the years I have had many guys ask me if there are special self defense techniques for men. The answer is yes, but it just so happens that those special self defense techniques for men are the same as those designed for women. They both utilize the same simple but brutal techniques to eliminate any attacker as quickly as possible.

This makes perfect sense if you think about it. First of all attackers almost always choose victims who are smaller or those who look weak. Attackers try to pick fights they can win. This means that even if you are a big guy your attacker will likely be bigger than you.

This puts you in a position where you have to rely on moves that don't require great strength to take your attacker out of commission. This is very similar to the situation most women find themselves in (the average woman is of course smaller than the average man).

Now that you understand why you have to utilize skill not strength let's move on to the specific self defense techniques for men that I'm going to teach you in this article.

Effective and Reliable Self Defense Techniques For Men:

Eye Gouge: The eye gouge is a classic. You don't have to be a line backer to poke someone in the eye. This is one of the go to methods to distract an attacker and take the offense. This technique is used by militaries around the world as well as any experienced street fighter because it works.

The technique is simple. Take your hand shake it like you are trying to dry off your hand. Notice how you keep your wrist and fingers loose? This is how you strike. You don't poke someone in the eye with one finger, you use all of them. Think about it like you are throwing your hand into their eyes really quickly.

Keeping your hand loose on this move doesn't mean that you hit softly. Staying loose simply allows you to strike faster and more accurately than if you kept your wrist and fingers stiff.

You aren't going to remove their eye ball from the socket with this you are just causing pain, maybe scratching the eye a bit and causing them to be distracted and lose focus for a moment.

Headbutt: The headbutt is one of the most damaging self defense strikes you can use on an attacker. The front part of the top of your head is the hardest part on the human body.

The most common mistake guys make with a headbutt is using the wrong part of the head. Don't use your forehead. Don't use the very top of your head either. You want to use the part in between these two spots.

The next biggest mistake people make with a headbutt is delivering the headbutt with the upper body and neck. This will make your headbutt weak and ineffective. Keep your neck tense and rigid.

A good headbutt starts at your feet. You have to step into it. Throw all your weight into the headbutt and drive through your attacker. You want to aim for the nose and mouth. Don't hit the top of his head or his forehead, this will cause little damage to him (that's the hardest part on the body remember).

If executed properly and you throw all your weight into the headbutt it will be like hitting your attacker with a 150 pound battering ram right on the nose. The broken nose will be the lease of his worries. The extreme damage the headbutt can inflict is what makes it such a great self defense technique.

Foot Stomp: This is another great self defense technique for men. This move is specifically designed for a situation where you are being held from behind. This is a common scenario in self defense. An attacker sneaks up on you, puts you into a rear naked choke or a similar hold, and you must get free quickly before you pass out from lack of oxygen.

Fighting the attacker's arms is useless, if he is using proper technique he will have his arms locked into place utilizing strong leverage points. Don't waste your time.

To choke you he has to be close to you. His body is likely pressed up against yours. This means you know where his feet are. Stomp on his foot as hard as you can.

Aim the stomp so you land near the ankle not on the toes. Have you ever had your toes run over by a car? Doesn't really hurt too bad. Have you ever had the upper part of your foot run over? If so you probably broke a few bones in there, or were yelling in pain. Aim for the part that counts.

One variation that you may want to throw in is an inner knee strike as your foot comes down to the stomp. This is like killing two birds with one stone.

Take your heel and drive it into the inside of his knee pushing outwards on it. If done properly he will release you as you cause major damage to his knee.

If you don't hit the knee right you are still set up for a foot stomp. This strategy minimizes the risk of missing a strike and wasting precious time while in a choke hold.

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Stay Smart & Stay Safe,
Bob Piece, President Fightfast.com

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