Dog Attack Prevention Tips To Keep You Safe

Were you aware of the fact that millions of Americans are bitten by dogs every year with over one million of them requiring hospitalization from a dog bite? Untold millions of dog attacks are never get reported. This happens when they're out and about exercising by walking, jogging or cycling.

The two most likely groups of people receiving dog attacks and dog bites are letter carriers from the U.S. Postal Service and small children under five. Just recently there was a story about a small child who was four years old that got mauled to death by three of the family's pet dogs. What a tragedy!

Parents shouldn't be so naïve as to think that their pet dog is incapable of an attack. Dogs are animals and every dog has an instinct to bite. No matter how well you train it, that instinct remains.

With that in mind, here are some dog attack prevention tips. Certainly there are others, but these are the most common and some of the most effective.

1. It seems obvious that if you know of an area were dogs tend to congregate you should avoid that area. When three or more dogs are together, a pack mentality sets in making them more dangerous.

2. Some people claim that dogs can sense fear. If you panic, dogs may feel more confident of an attack. So don't appear fearful and don't panic.

3. Sometimes if you hold your position and just wait out a dog that's barking at you he may lose interest and leave.

4. Don't yell at the dog and for that matter don't smile at the dog either. A dog sees bared teeth from a smile as a sign of aggression.

5. Learn to read a dog's body language. If the dog's ears are pinned back, he is ready to attack you. If a dog approaches with a loping gait, it may want to just play.

6. Dogs are very territorial. If you approach a dog that's in a fenced in area, he is liable to be especially aggressive. Likewise if you try to pet a dog while he's sleeping, eating or drinking water, he could turn aggressive in a heartbeat.

7. When you're out walking, jogging or cycling always have a self-defense pepper spray with you. There is a reason why the United States Postal Service issues pepper sprays to all their letter carriers.

8. It is not a bad idea to always carry some kind of blocking device with you. That way if the dog attacks you, you can stick the blocking device into the dog's mouth for him to bite.

If you follow these tips you don't need to be so concerned about a dog attack or dog bite and may avoid becoming a statistic.

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