Self Defense Tips - Street Fighting and Modern Street Self Defense Tips From the Art of Ninjutsu

You don't have to be a Ninja to get some very powerful street self defense tips from the ancient art of Ninjutsu!

It's true. There was a time when I was discouraged with what was being offered as traditional martial arts masquerading as effective systems of self defense for today's world.

Effective Women's Self Defense: Developing the Survivor's Mindset

If you're serious about developing the ability to survive a brutal attack, one of the first things that you realize is that women's self-defense also requires the proper mindset. And, the type of mindset that I focus on in this article involves knowing that there are actual threats out there, knowing what they are and the fact that you are at risk, and believing in yourself and your ability to be a survivor should the worst happen to you! If you're ready to hear what most women don't want to hear... read on!

Women's Self-Defense Tips and Tactics: What to Hit Him With!

In the realm of women's self-defense training, there are generally two very different theories. One says that a woman can learn the same techniques, tactics, skills and strategies as a man - that self-defense is no different for men and women. The other "camp" says that the only thing that a woman needs to know is how to deliver a well-placed kick to the groin and she's home free.

The Difference Between Martial Arts And Self Defence

The terms "Martial Arts" and "Self-Defence" are often confused as alternative names for the same thing. These days however, with the increased attention toward "real world" systems such as Krav Maga for example, it seems people are finally starting to recognise the differences between them. Unfortunately though, the same old trend of competing martial artists arguing over whose system is better, which beats which etc. hasn't been lost.

One Easy Self-Defense Tip ANYONE Can Perform

There is a difference between Self-Defense (or "Self Protection" - an increasingly popular term) and Martial Arts. That's not to say that Martial Arts cannot be used for self-defense, but rather that they are a superset of it and more emphasis is usually put on the "Art" or sports element than in the practical self-defense aspects. Furthermore, since they tend to spend a long time training in one system or another to become proficient at it, there may be a tendency among them to push their style as "the best" and to close their minds to other styles.

An Ounce of Prevention: Tips For Women's Self Defense

Like the age old adage, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" the best self defense strategy is being able to avoid a situation all together. While even the most seasoned combat veteran can fall prey to a criminal, there are measures you can take to decrease the likelihood of becoming a victim.

Woman Self-Defence - 3 Best Techniques You Must Know When Confronted By A Rapist or Mugger!

Do you really need to attend a formal martial class for your to learn practical woman self-defence techniques? No. Self-defence has more to do with common sense and how you should respond or react instinctively when being attacked. Most of the practical and effective self-defence techniques are barred from combat sports competitions or martial arts classes.

Woman Self-Defense - The Secret Techniques You Must Know!

You don't have time for woman self-defense lesson? Just spend 3 minutes to finish reading this article, one day you might need to use this technique to save your live or your loved ones.

The self-defense groin kick is no doubt a valuable street fighting technique that a woman must possess! A well executed kick to the groin could instantly end a vicious attack. Pay close attention to these aspects when executing a groin kick.

Do You Need A Self Defense Product? Check This List to Find Out

Self defense weapons can be divided into two categories: Lethal and less than or non-lethal. Not everyone can or should carry a lethal form of self defense, but there are non lethal alternatives available for everyone. So who should keep a self defense product? Should you?

The purpose of non lethal self defense products is to disable or distract an attacker long enough for the potential victim to escape from a threatening situation or to get help. They are not designed to permanently injure another being.

Pepper Spray Vs. Stun Guns: Which One Is Better?

It takes nothing more than a quick glance at a newspaper, or a few minutes of watching the evening news to grasp how violent the world is becoming. Acts of violence occur even in places that used to be considered sanctuaries, such as schools and churches. The question no longer needs to be, will something happen to me, but rather, what will I do if I am the target of a crime.

The Stomp Is an Effective Martial Art and Self-Defense Technique

I'm often surprised to see people come to the aid of a relative or friend who is on the ground being savagely attacked with half-hearted attempts to pull the aggressor off by the shoulders. I'm reminded of an extremely violent video that was making circles around the Internet where a man was brutally beating and stabbing a woman on a sidewalk of a large metropolitan area with many people standing around not knowing what to do. (And obviously, one person stood there filming the entire incident.)

Review Testimonials Before Selecting a Self-Defence Class

Before choosing to enroll in a self-defence class, it's important that you review as much information on the course as is possible. Some courses don't provide proper training for real-life safety, others may have an instructor who is not truly qualified to train you, and others yet may be lacking in customer service. Your time and money is valuable, so you certainly don't want to waste either on a less than spectacular self-defence course.

Choosing a Self-Defence Class - Does It Prepare You for Real-World Safety?

When choosing self-defence classes or wondering if you should even take them, one thing you might ask yourself is if a class will truly prepare you for real-life attack situations. Street crimes and physical assaults can seemingly happen in an instant, but a worthwhile self-defence class shows you how to avoid and overcome one or more attackers.

Why Buy a Stun Gun? The Stunning Advantages

Why buy a stun gun? It's because you and your loved ones need protection. With the increasing crime rates all over the world, nobody feels that safe anymore. Burglaries, murders, rape and other heinous crimes are everyday occurrences that can happen right inside your home. You may have an alarm system to notify you of intruders, but what happens if they attack you?

Tips on How to Keep Family Safety at Home

More than anything else, family safety at home is the priority of any homeowner. Money can buy new cars, new jewelries and new gadgets but never the lives of loved ones, right? That's why property owners like you should always make sure that your home is safe from all kinds of accidents and theft. But how can you be sure of your family safety at home? Read on and find out.

Practice Makes Perfect: The Importance of Training With Your Self Defense Weapon

When I started my career in law enforcement I rode with a field training officer before I went on the road alone. The one piece of advice that I remember most clearly is to continually train.

He suggested I practice felony traffic stops while sitting in my driveway. My dog got used to me yelling at my reflection in the glass doors.

Protect Children With Child Guard

"Surely you are not going to put that THING on our daughter." Amy asked Ace.

"Well", he said, "you know how Darlie likes to take off like a jet. This leash is the only way we can be sure she doesn't get too far away from us before we can catch her!"

"We're going to a kid's park," said Amy, "not the Westminster Kennel Club! Surely there is a better solution."

Cell Phone for Protection

Crime is rampant in our society. Television, newspapers, the Internet report muggings, carjackings, some in broad daylight, and home invasions - imagine the front door suddenly and violently kicked in. It seems like the number of unprovoked attacks have never been higher. People who use meth and other drugs need money to fuel their habits, and more and more they are resorting to violence to obtain it.

Pepper Spray and the Police

Is Pepper Spray effective? The largest police department in the US thinks so. The NYPD issues it to its 35,000-plus sworn officers. Countrywide it's the first weapon an officer uses against an unruly perp. The TASER is next, and as a last resort, the service pistol may be deployed. Records indicate that many times the first response is the only one needed. The USPS has 300,000 mail carriers and those that might come in contact with dogs are issued Pepper Spray.

Self Defence Is Everybody's Right

With over 18 years of Karate experience, I have always tried to promote basic self defence classes for women and children.

All over the world today, incidents of assaults against women and children are growing every day, this only adds fuel for a campaign to teach women and children self defense,

Incognito Protection With A Diversion Safe

Home invasion robberies are more than just common theft. It is an invasion of your personal space. Although you can't stop a robber from taking your larger investments like the flat-screen TV, there is a way to protect your smaller personal items.

Why We All Need To Learn Self Defence

When people mention the phrase self-defence it conjures up all sorts of images. For some those images will be of the Karate Kid, for others it will be visions of elderly women learning techniques in the local church hall. Then of course we have the extreme, men dressed in camouflage, rolling around in the woods and eating bugs.All these images spring to mind because there are actually courses and classes being taught that mirror your visions. Sadly, these courses and classes are not how a self-defence class should be structured and taught.

Keeping Personal Security a Top Priority

While all of us give importance to a lot of different things in our lives, most of us will agree that one of our top priorities is having total or absolute personal security. Safety is always very important for most people and it is one thing that has become part of what they do all the time. Whether it is going to work, shopping, strolling, or even just staying at home, personal safety is always essential and is always observed.

Personal Safety Tips for Single Women

Women should take their personal safety seriously. There are several instances when they can become victimized. They have to be prepared at all times. They need to be able to protect themselves if the need arises.

Be conscious of what you are wearing. The type of clothes that you wear might not necessarily be the reason why you are going to be victimized.

How to Defend Yourself From an Attacker

FIRST - Fighting should only be used as a last resort. First try to reason with the attacker if that is possible. If they have a weapon and all they want is money, its either possibly your life or $50. Just because you may know how to disarm an attacker, does not meant that you may be able to disarm everyone every single time.

Three Golden Rules Of Self Defense

As a professional, teaching the principles of the discipline to students is part of the assignment. There is no difference in this obligation in any profession. This is true for self defense specialists as well.

There are important rules to consider to raise your level of self defense to be able to handle a wide variety of self defense situations.

Which Gender Buys More Self Defense Products?

Self defense products such as pepper spray are purchased mostly by women. The ratio only differs a bit, with women making about 60% of all purchases. In addition many men buy self defense products for their wives and girlfriends. So the total self defense products purchased for women is about 65%.

The most powerful reason for women to make more purchases of stun guns and pepper sprays is the problem of sexual attack.

Train Yourself In Self Defense

There are many options for self defense training including martial arts studios, boxing or MMA lessons, rape defense classes or recorded materials about all of the above. Depending on your situation, you may consider each option for training speed, and the overall value of each option. By far the most cost efficient option is using prerecorded materials such as DVD's. The learning objectives can be accomplished by almost anyone.

The Best Self Defense Technique

One of the questions I am frequently asked is whether or not there is one best self defense technique. Most of these are people who don't have the time, ability or inclination to take an extended self defense training such as a martial arts class. They are in search of a few simple techniques, at most, they can use if the need to defend themselves ever arises.

Routines Can Make You A Target For Assault

It is not hard to come to the conclusion that women are the primary targets for all kinds of violence. A quick check of the police blotter in any city will confirm that suspicion. You can also make the correct assumption that many of the bad guys are lazy, which is why they choose an easy target, and generally not very intelligent.

The Importance of Non Lethal Self Defense

Being the victim of a crime can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Hopefully, no criminal will ever make you their target, but if they do. you need to be able to defend yourself - to fight back.

There are some 'experts' who would advise you not to fight back, but instead to comply with the criminals requests and to call the police if you can. The truth is that law enforcement officers are first responders.

Self-Defense Tip #29 — Learning fighting skills: Techniques and drills

Most self-defense books and videos, and even many seminars and classes, demonstrate fighting techniques and tactics (set-ups) but not the methods or drills for learning them. Few people realize that repeating a technique many times is not always the best way to learn a skill and make it usable. Why? Here is one reason: Doing the whole technique as many times as it takes to learn it well can put too much stress on your body or on your partner’s.

Self-Defense Tip #31 — Keys to fighting speed

There are several requirements for being very fast, or better yet for being “on time.” Key technical requirements are mastery of the movement and relaxation, or more accurately, lack of needless tension.

There is an obvious connection with conditioning here because both mastering the movement and relaxation are developed by repeating the move in great numbers and that depends on being in good shape.

Expert Offers Self-Defense Tips

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — When you think about self-defense, you likely think about the physical part of protecting yourself.

While the moves are important, they aren’t all you need to know.

There are five key things every woman should keep in mind at all times, according to self-defense instructor, Kathy Kluk.

Why is Self Defence Necessary For Every Human Being?

Crimes are becoming popular day by day and are even common all over the world. No matter in which country you are living, you can come face to face with criminals at any time. While walking outside some people can attack you. Due to these circumstances you should try to learn how to protect yourself. Because of the increasing rate of crimes, the police is not able to give full protection to the citizens.

Learning the Rules of Self Defense

The first rule in self defense is that there are no rules to follow when your life is at stake. The other rules that you need to remember serve to boost your confidence and make you ready to fight. Your goal is to win and for that you are allowed to use every tactic and technique to your own advantage rather than thinking about your opponent.

Some Important Self-Defense Points To Know

Self-defense is a basic element to live a peaceful life. All over the world in every city crime ratio is getting high. You never know the next moment will be safe one or not. For this reason it is very important to get yourself trained, for self-defense. Sometimes it may happen that you have spent couple of months to get training of self defense from self defense training institutes but unfortunately when you come across some serious situation or someone attacks you, your mind get stuck. You are unable to take even a single step and get victim of the situation.

Kenpo Karate - Self Defense

Kenpo karate or American Kenpo is described by brisk moves in a swift and repeated pattern in order to overpower the assailant or aggressor. As the definition implies it mainly is focused on the self defense mechanism. The American Kenpo dates back hundreds of years and has evolved a great deal over the period of years and took on the style of the great grandmasters teaching it in specific eras.

Self Defense Tips For Working Women

Women are always considered to be delicate and sensitive beings. Is there a thought that women cannot defend themselves on their own? Yes, there is always a fixed approach that women are weak and they cannot defend themselves and always need men's help. Let's prove this approach wrong. Women can defend not only their selves but can also defend their family members.

Guide To Learn Self Defence At Home

Self-defence is a responsibility for every citizen. Not only he but also his family is at risk if they are not trained for self-defence. It is not necessary to go to a training school or martial art institute for mastering self-defence techniques. A very simple way to get training is your home. You can arrange self-defence training for you as well as for your family at home.

Knife Defence Fundamentals: What Really Works?

It’s always a bit dangerous when you talk about knife defence. Lots of people when they talk about knife defence believe they speak the truth; that the defences they describe or teach really work.

Very few of those people who talk about knife defence ever say that in fact, they could be completely wrong, that the defences they describe just may not work at all.

4 Ways To Instill Panic In An Attacker And Force Them To Give Up

“When I fight someone, I want to break his will. I want to take his manhood. I want to rip out his heart and show it to him.“   Mike Tyson

There is a saying that I’m fond of: “Amateurs fight bodies. Professionals fight minds.”

Effective self defence is not all about how much bodily damage you can inflict on an attacker. It is also about how much damage you can inflict on them psychologically.

How A Simple Shift In Mindset Can Dramatically Improve Your Combatives/Self Defence Training

You’re probably sick of hearing about the whole combative mindset concept. It’s become something of a cliché in Combatives/SD circles these days. Yet despite the fact that the phrase is kicked about like an old football, few if anyone bothers to explain exactly what a combative mindset is, nor how to get it.

How to Learn Martial Arts at Home Easily and Effectively!

Follow this established approach to studying martial arts at home and your skills will be greatly improved.

It may be that you're studying martial arts at a school or academy that gives students plenty of theory without any actual sparring experience, or doesn't let you practice the techniques with a heavy workout bag. Maybe you're just wondering which of the martial arts is best for you.

Best Street Martial Arts Techniques You Will Want to Know!

In this article you will learn some key pointers and some of the best street martial arts techniques from a variety of fighting styles, providing with the crucial skills needed to keep you alive in the event of an actual attack.

The best street martial arts technique I ever learned is trapping. By using this type of move, you are actually trapping your adversary's extremities, keeping him or her from being able to attack.

Get the Most From Martial Arts by Learning How to Choose the Best Self Defense Instructor!

Although you may not realize it, there are numerous unqualified blackbelts and self defense teachers offering advice and disseminating information which could get you killed. Even worse, none of these people have ever been party to a life or death fight and therefore do not have credible or real experience with regard to fighting.

Create Space Or Close Distance–Which Is The Better Tactic In A Fight?

Let me ask you this: During a physical altercation, is it better to close distance with your attacker or create space between you and your attacker?

 Your answer to that question will depend essentially on how you train for such situations. Some people train to close down an opponent when they are under attack so they can get to grappling distance. Others train to create space between themselves and their attacker so they can strike.

Cell Phone Stun Gun- Yep A Stun Gun That’s A Cell Phone!

 If you want the personal protection of a stun gun, but don’t want to carry around an obvious weapon, then this one is for you. I have found that an awesome cell phone stun gun that you can buy right on Amazon.  It is called the Guard Dog iStun cell phone stun gun, and it is made by none other than Guard Dog Security!

Self Defence And The Importance Of Space Management

Space (i.e. the distance between you and your opponent) is one of those concepts that we rarely give any consideration too. Yet it is an important concept. Having the ability to manipulate the space between you and your opponent will give you a definite edge, and in many cases, it is the person who is most able to manipulate and make use of that space that comes out on top.

4 Simple Self Defense Techniques

When it comes to basic self defense technique, it does not have to be complicated, and in fact it (the technique) will arguably be MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE if it is kept VERY SIMPLE. During intense periods of stress and/or panic, the human mind will seemingly slow down, you may get tunnel vision, and you will react mostly only by muscle memory. Complicated tasks will become seemingly impossible during those seconds or moments. Until you have experienced this unique phenomenon, it is difficult to fully grasp the affect. Just trust this… it is true – it happens this way.

Self Defense Training, Train In All Conditions!

Do you know where you are most likely to get attacked? Do you know when? Sure you can make a few guesses, but do you actually know? The answer is obviously NO! Violence happens all the time, in all kinds of locations, it’s unpredictable! So how should you train and prepare for it? If you train to fight in a well lit area, what happens if you are attacked in a low light area? If you are attacked outside in the rain, but have only trained for fighting inside how do you think you’ll do?

Self-Defense Tips

When something shocks us, we typically freeze, and that's what the bad guys rely on. The key to not freezing is having a plan. Marni Levine is a fourth-degree black belt in karate and is the highest ranked female instructor in Krav Maga; a self-defense method used by the Israeli Defense Forces and U.S. law enforcement agencies.

Tactical Flashlight Self Defense Techniques

For everyday use, a flashlight is likely to be seen as a simple tool for illuminating in low-light conditions, but certain flashlights are able to double up as a self-defense weapon. Tactical lights are standard pieces of equipment for the military and security personnel and law enforcement. Using a conventional weapon (fire-arms, batons, knives, sprays, etc) is certain to be prohibited in certain states around the country. But a high-performance tactical flashlight is certain to be legal everywhere. A flashlight offers a range of practices for maintain personal safety.

self defence techniques a matter of personal choice

When it comes to the world of self defence there is a multitude of techniques out there to learn.Go on to youtube and you will find literally millions of techniques.You will also find millions of instructors telling you that their system,style or techniques are the best.

So what are the best self defence techniques?Are there superior techniques to others?Are there the ultimate will work every time,100% guaranteed stuff?

How to Stay Calm During a Fight

One great disadvantage we all have when we get into an altercation, especially if we feel our lives are endangered, is we panic. There’s no reason to be ashamed of this fact, it’s completely natural! We all have a fight or flight instinct left over from the days when man had to roam the woods competing with various predators for breakfast.

14 Self-Defense Tips Every Woman Should Know

Women need to make self-protection a greater priority. According to statistics every two minutes a woman in America is raped, and one out of four women will be the victim of a violent crime. Having the delusion that it can’t happen to you or that it’s something that only happens to other people is the kind of attitude predators depend on. The more informed you are, the better prepared you will be in the event you are targeted by a predator. By empowering yourself with knowledge, your fear will not escalate, it will diminish. Follow these tips to keep yourself from becoming a statistic:


These 10 tips have been circulated for quite some time now. Guided Chaos Grandmaster John Perkins and Prof. Bradley Steiner have added to the original tips. This is a small list of things to be aware of but it should serve as a start for some folks who have not studied the topic.

NOTE: if your attacker is particularly skilled, fast or strong, your counter-attack would of course benefit from advanced Guided Chaos training but that takes awhile to master. The following can be done by virtually anyone with little or no training.

Tips For Security and Self Defense

PLEASE Share this!!!

WRITTEN BY A POLICE OFFICER (and I added to it): Everyone should take 5 minutes to read this. It may save your life or a loved one’s life. In daylight hours, refresh yourself of these things to do in an emergency situation… This is for you, and for you to share with your wife, your children, & everyone you know.

Mixed Martial Arts Tips For Street Self Defense Explained!

Picking up numerous different fighting concepts is an area that I have always benefited from as I experienced real life situations in clubs, bars, prisons, and working as a bouncer. A number of benefits can be had in studying mixed fighting events like the Ultimate Fighting Championships. In reading the current article, you will discover a few truly real and powerful means of defending yourself in an actual confrontation.

3 of the Best Karate Martial Arts Techniques Revealed!

If you wish to learn street-based survival methods that REALLY WORK, then learn from someone who has the personal experience of actually fighting for REAL! During my younger (and more disobedient) days, I needed to learn really fast how to survive in a state penitentiary. Later, I also was forced to defend myself as a bouncer. Within this period of my life, I gained personal experience in fighting that I'd like to share with you now. Use them in conjuncture with the martial arts training you may already have.

Street Fighting Techniques - How to Defend Yourself Easily!

If you want to be able to defend yourself, you can learn the techniques of urban self defense to stay secure.

Despite the fact that they're very skilled in the training they've undergone, many black belts that run martial arts schools don't really have any experience in street fighting and self defense. Those of you who try to take classes at the YMCA or the gym trying to find out about street fighting will just be hitting a bag in repetitive movements.

Verbal Self-Defense Techniques: How To Deal With Verbal Abuse Effectively

Equipping yourself with verbal self-defense techniques prevents you from taking any more verbal abuse from your boss, your partner or that rude driver.

However, I don't mean stooping down to the same level as your aggressor. You are not on the offense here, but the defense. Read on to find out how these communication tactics work.

Best Self Defense Techniques

If you have been reading any of my posts here then you probably already know what I consider to be the best self defense techniques. In my opinion the moves which are basic, brutal and most effective are quite simply the best. 

Front Kick. Stopping You Opponents Attack

 Okay this first technique is easy. Ever kick a ball? Same thing here. Nothing fancy. Your not even really trying to do any damage to your opponent. I know that sounds weird but stay with me. You have probably heard the saying “The best defense is a good offense” sure it might be cliche but it’s true.

Jab. Another Way To Stop An Attack

 Here is a move you’re most likely familiar with, but it’s how you use it that we are going to focus on here. In case your not familiar with it, the jab is just a simple punch. It’s usually preformed with the hand closest to your opponent. It doesn’t have a lot of force behind it since it doesn’t have far to travel and it can be hard to throw all your weight into it. But we’re not looking to cause a lot of damage with it. We’re going to use it in the same manner as the Frontal Kick discussed earlier.

Head-Butt. Attacking Your Opponent

 Okay we've talked about how to stop an attack long enough to start your own, so let's talk about how to beat the crap out of the guy trying to hurt you! We'll start with a head-butt.

The head-butt can be a very effective move in self defense. It’s quick and easy to preform. Even if your in that life fearing mode I talked about in Best Self Defense Techniques it’s still basic enough to pull off.

Side Arm Chop

 Here is really effective attack to use against an opponent after you have countered their attack. But first, run your finger down the outside of your arm, start at the elbow and go down to the pinkie finger. What do you feel? You might be thinking you feel a bone, what you are actually feeling is a nice blunt club most people are born with. I’m sure you’ve seen some martial arts master break a board with the arm chop before right?

Groin Stike

No single move is guaranteed to end a fight. Sometimes the move isn’t executed properly and sometimes, due to drugs or something else, your attackers threshold for pain is higher than normal. That being said there is one way that will usually end a fight when dealing with a man. It’s a self defense move most women should become familiar with if their not already. I call it the "kick him in the balls self defense!"

Improvised Self Defense Weapons In Your Home. What Can You Use to Defend Yourself?

You’re sitting on your couch relaxing after a hard day at work. You’re half asleep so you don’t notice the sounds of someone moving around at your back door. What you do notice is when your door gets kicked in and a man in a ski mask jumps in. Unfortunately your gun is locked up in the safe in your bed room and there is no way you can get to it in time to do you any good. You know you’re going to have to improvise a weapon if you want to defend yourself so you grab….

Improvised Weapons In A Parking Lot

Imagine this, your just leaving a bar after a few drinks with your friends. Your standing in the parking lot waiting for your cab to pick you up (because drinking and driving is just plain stupid) when a man approaches you. He asks to bum a cigarette, but while you’re busy reaching for the pack he pulls a knife and demands your wallet. You’re completely unarmed because you’ve been in a bar all evening so if you’re going to defend yourself you’ll have to improvise. So you….

Improvised Weapons For Self Defense At School

You’re taking night classes at the local Community College, class just let out and you stay behind for a minuet to ask the professor a question. As the two of you walk out of the class room you catch a glimpse of another student, who had been kicked out for constantly causing trouble, rush the professor from behind and knock him out cold.

Jab. Another Way To Stop An Attack

  Here is a move you’re most likely familiar with, but it’s how you use it that we are going to focus on here. In case your not familiar with it, the jab is just a simple punch. It’s usually preformed with the hand closest to your opponent. It doesn’t have a lot of force behind it since it doesn’t have far to travel and it can be hard to throw all your weight into it. But we’re not looking to cause a lot of damage with it. We’re going to use it in the same manner as the Frontal Kick discussed earlier.

Learn How to Street Fight Good - For Complete Beginners!

Have you ever found yourself thinking what you would have to do if you found yourself in a fight, and are aware of the fact you don't have any experience in fighting? Luckily, you actually have a definite chance of winning with several innovative methods that are provided within this article, and with my help you can be sure of winning whatever type of altercation you might find yourself in no matter how over-matched you might be.

Get 4 Simple Self Defense Tips For Non Fighters!

The following article was written to provide you with a series of simple self defense instructions which are easy to understand, in addition to advice and information regarding skills you'll need to develop if you want to survive a sudden attack by overpowering your opponent.

Basic Self Defense Moves You Should Know!

In this article, I am going to discuss the five basic self defense tips that will help you to acquire the skills needed for surviving hazardous situations and safeguarding yourself against assailants. Here they are as follows.

5 Self Defense Fighting Secrets!

Today I will uncover 5 different points you should know about self defense fighting. These are real facts and cold hard truths when it comes to fighting. If you want to stay alive in an altercation here are some facts to help you win and stay alive.

Self Defense Techniques For Women| Bear Hugs

Okay ladies, let’s look at some self defense techniques that can help you get out of a very common attack, the bear hug. The bear hug is usually used by an attacker who is larger and stronger than the victim, which is why it is often used by men who are attacking women. It can be a vicious attack, not because of physical pain, but because of the emotional state.

Self Defense Moves For Escaping Wrist Grabs

Here are some easy self defense moves for men, women, even young girls to use when being grabbed by an attacker. I chose these moves because the are easy enough to be preformed by anyone, but still effective in a real fight. So let’s look at a few different grabs and how to escape them and counter attack!

Woman Self-Defence - 3 Best Techniques You Must Know When Confronted By A Rapist or Mugger!

Do you really need to attend a formal martial class for your to learn practical woman self-defence techniques? No. Self-defence has more to do with common sense and how you should respond or react instinctively when being attacked. Most of the practical and effective self-defence techniques are barred from combat sports competitions or martial arts classes.