How to Learn Fighting Techniques Online That Can Actually Save Your Life

For those who have ever participated in a martial arts or self defense class, you might have picked up some basic moves or learned some principals of unarmed protection. But you probably didn't realize that everything you learned was not actually intended to save your life in a fight.

That's right. Real fighting techniques that can actually injury or debilitate an attacker aren't taught in the dojo or self defense class. If they were, anyone who took a self defense course could go out and start killing people with ease. Martial arts instructors can't give that kind of power to regular people.

That is why it is so important to learn real fighting techniques online or through a video course. If you take the time to train and practice either with a partner or a training dummy, you can actually teach yourself moves that can save your life in an assault by street thugs or gang members - or even during a home invasion.

Even MMA fighters don't learn these moves, because they can't kill each other on TV. If they used actual, authentic fighting techniques that brutally devastate areas of the body that are vulnerable, they would kill each other.

So if you want to learn real fighting techniques online, you need to use a video course or digital eBook and video combination course. There are many of these available; the best is without doubt Jeff Anderson's Street Fighting Uncaged.

With Street Fighting Uncaged for example, you learn a variety of street-proven moves from someone who both worked on the streets and in the military - and for less than the price of a self defense course. The course is also instantly available for download.

The only thing you can do to prepare yourself for a real attack by a brutal thug is to train real fighting techniques online. You have two choices: do nothing, and take the risk that if you are ever in a fight, you or someone you love could be killed. Or take action and learn now and increase your odds of survival immensely.

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