Effective Women's Self Defense: Developing the Survivor's Mindset

If you're serious about developing the ability to survive a brutal attack, one of the first things that you realize is that women's self-defense also requires the proper mindset. And, the type of mindset that I focus on in this article involves knowing that there are actual threats out there, knowing what they are and the fact that you are at risk, and believing in yourself and your ability to be a survivor should the worst happen to you! If you're ready to hear what most women don't want to hear... read on!

When it comes to the subject of Women's Self Defense - of knowing how to protect yourself against real-world, brutal attackers - this mindset of belief and knowing is the first set of building blocks, along with the Survivor's Attitude that I spoke about in another article, that form the foundation of effective women's self-defense!

First and foremost, you have to know and understand that there are actual threats to you, as a woman, that men in general do not have to deal with. You must know this because, it is absolutely true.

That does not mean that these things cannot threaten men, but in general women are more susceptible to them.

Also, that does not mean you should go through life looking over your shoulder in constant fear. As a matter of fact the exact opposite is true. After all...

How could you live a good, stress-free, and happy life if you're always living in fear?

No. What I mean is that there are dangers out there that women - that you - have to be aware of, because they are a part of your world, and therefor a part of the essence of women's self-defense. This is what I mean when I teach on the, "Mindset of Awareness."

Okay, you now know that you need to be aware of all things you have grown to believe in your life are dangerous.

Seems obvious, right?

The question is though, are they the correct things that you "should" be aware of?


Don't be. In fact, here's what I mean.

From the perspective or real, authentic, women's self-defense, you might believe that the most dangerous person or things that you need to be aware of are strangers hiding in the bushes. And, if you did have this belief, then you might be dead wrong (Pun Intended).

The truth is that, the biggest worries that you, as a woman, have to be prepared for are...

...attacks from people who are close to you!

From a police officer's perspective, I have to say that 99% of calls that I have ever responded to where women were in physical danger or had been in a sexual assault situation...

...were a result of the actions of someone close to them. 99 percent!

Again, this doesn't mean that you should be afraid of all the people close to you. The women's self-defense point-of-view is simply that you need to know that, who or what you believe the danger to be...

...really "is" the danger.

Once you have developed the proper beliefs, you must believe in your heart, mind, body and soul that you can overcome any situation no matter where it is or what the circumstances is. To have this kind of belief in yourself, you have to train a little constantly.

That doesn't mean just physical training. Because, when I say that you must train a "little" - that refers to the physical part - the actual, hands-on, self-defense training that will provide you with the weapons, lessons, techniques and skills for defending yourself against a larger, stronger, and determined assailant...

...and when I said, "constantly", I'm making the point that you always need to be aware of your surroundings as you go through everyday life. As you develop these skills, and the more they become what we might call, "second-nature," you will simultaneously develop belief in yourself.

And, that is the key to developing "belief in yourself" within the realm of women's self-defense.

Three Critical Aspects of the Survivor's Mindset:

First, you must know and believe that there are threats to you out there in the world.

Second, you have to believe correctly about what those threats are. And...

Third, you must have a deep-seated belief in yourself and your ability to act.

These three things are the three elements of having the proper women's self-defense mindset. Just remember... mindset isn't something you're born with. It's a learned behavior. And, when it comes to having the survivor's mindset of a woman who will do everything in her power to defend yourself...

...You can, and MUST, learn it!

Effective women's self defense requires more than just a few "karate moves." It involves the ability to think strategically, and understand how to defend yourself with as little wear-and-tear on you as possible - against an attacker who will be bigger, stronger, and determined to succeed!

How? Start by following the steps above and decide to be responsible for your own safety and survival. You might also want to read this book on, women's self-defense: "For Women Only!" It's available free at: http://www.warrior-concepts-online.com/womens-self-defense-book.html

Jeffrey M. Miller SPS, DTI, is an internationally-known women's self defense expert. Each month he teaches literally thousands of students through live seminars, corporate training events, and his online self defense courses, the lessons to be able to survive in Today's often dangerous world.

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