Get 4 Simple Self Defense Tips For Non Fighters!

The following article was written to provide you with a series of simple self defense instructions which are easy to understand, in addition to advice and information regarding skills you'll need to develop if you want to survive a sudden attack by overpowering your opponent.

Simple self defense tips #1: If you're someone who is small in stature or not as strong as you could be, punching might not be your strong point. Return your enemy's attack with strikes to the throat and gouges to his eyes. This is a technique which is employed by self defense methods taught by the military, as well as various types of Krav Maga.

Simple self defense tips #2: Do you know the best techniques for fighting? If you have an interest in the fighting arts, check out jeetjunedo, kung fu, ninjutso, karate, judo, and fighting styles used in the Philippines. It is important to know about a wide variety of fighting techniques, as these can be taught alongside more basic techniques for self defense which you are also studying. You can learn more about these styles in a variety of places, including the local YMCA. Any and all types of training you do will make you a better fighter. Even reading about these techniques at your local library can be beneficial. If you really want to dedicate yourself to mastering these martial art forms, you must open your mind to learning about them.

Simple self defense tips #3: It's critical to keep your lifestyle active and healthy. Maintain an appropriate weight, as you need to be in top form in order to successfully enter a tournament of martial arts - or if you find yourself in a position where you need to defend against an attack. It's not uncommon for someone who suddenly attacks you on the street to be under the influence of drugs. This can give your opponent the advantage of being extra aggressive and violent.

Simple self defense tips #4: Keep out of dangerous situations and passively avoid confrontations to protect yourself. You might be someone with the ability to protect yourself, but that is not permission to attack others without provocation. The biggest part of self defense is common sense. You need to understand the need to avoid volatile situations, how to placate someone who seems agitated, and when to give up our valuables if you are being threatened with a weapon. Passiveness and aggressiveness can be used to the same effect, so make smart decisions before you consider engaging someone else in a fight.

These four simple tips for self defense are key to developing yourself into a respectable martial artist, as well as keeping yourself and your friends safe in bad situations. I hope that the simple tips presented here are useful, and that you remain safe and successful in your quest for effective self defense.

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