Karate Kata to Street Fighting - Unleash a Deep Force Within You

I don't know about you but when I turn on the TV or read a newspaper I often feel like I'm living on another planet. I mean all the violence and greed, is that what most people value in life?

It seems that the more "advanced" our society becomes the harder it is to live a life that is peaceful, safe and secure.

So if you want to walk the dedicated martial way path does that mean you have to move to a monastery?

Of course it does not and as someone who is committed to the martial arts, I trust that is good news for you too.

Are you ready for a new way of training? Let's begin with a study of human consciousness. As someone who is called a modern-day warrior, I'd like to share some personal details on what it's like to realise the obvious.

Once you see the practical things you can do in any situation you'll see how easy it is to move from old training ideas to the more practical modern-day methods that also incorporate some of the old ways plus, accepting that we now live in the 21st century and the tactics of the modern-day criminal have changed too. This move will not only improve your self defence skills but you'll also better serve your society.

Buzz Campion's method of mayhem. My insights will not only surprise you, but they will show you how to make the absolute best use of self-protection techniques that might save your life. Attack Zappers. Without doubt one of the most appealing aspects of the martial arts is the prospect of learning how to become a trained fighter and dispatch a multitude of assailants as shown on TV and film.

When attacked your first technique for example should be brutally effective. It's the single most important thing to remember as far as self- defence is concerned. Yet most people ignore this important principle.

Psychological warfare is another very effective option. No matter if you have multiple black belt degree certificates lining your home or office wall or if you have none, you have a gift.

It's the gift of a mind that is capable of truly remarkable endeavours. You see, your IQ doesn't define you or your fitness; rather greatness does exist within you. The ability is there, just waiting to be tapped. So the question is, how do you begin to reveal your greatness right now?

In short, develop a sharper memory, learn things faster and unleash a mindset that will help you become an expert martial artist. Because when your brain grows you grow. You can learn how to enhance your mind and your self defence ability in just 5 minutes a day.

But don't forget that the single most important thing in self defence is that the technique must be direct and simple to use. In other words Simplicity with Intent. The secret is building muscle and mind memory strength without moving a muscle if you see what I mean. It may sound like some science fiction movie but it works.

You can easily trick your brain into thinking a stressful situation isn't stressful. This means that you don't have the stress response reaction to deal with which can impair your timing as well as your fast movement to any counter. Let's take a look at the exponents of western arts. Boxers, wrestlers etc in the main train to deal with only one opponent and also have to comply to the rules of their particular sport. Notice I say sport because in the main that is what it is controlled and defined by rules that are designed to make it safe and injury free as far as possible.

Let's face it; in contrast multiple attacks are one of the most common and frightening types of fight to be involved in. You see, in a multiple attack the "pack" mentality kicks in (excuse the pun) and can quickly become an orgy of violence with each attacker spurred on by their friends leading to one attacker trying to out do the others in order to become more vicious.

On top of that, the attackers will generally get away with it. Why, because the law has to prove beyond doubt who delivered the fatal blow yes, that's right the one that put you in the grave after they played football with your head. This is very difficult if not impossible to prove when there has been six to eight scum-bags who have just danced the fandango all over your body.

You can read about many ways of how to deal with a multiple attack, Ah, most won't work. So what does? It's simple, RUN like hell, preferably before they surround you. It's easy and effective. Gang members in general are not into road work. You should be.

The point is any martial art or combative type training worth its salt should be practicing multiple attack scenarios on a regular basis in order to learn what you can and can't do in that situation for example if you can't run then learning to get to the outside of the pack, split them up confuse them and reduce their options.

Another thing to bear in mind is that a single adversary I mean you, who knows what he is doing is generally more dangerous than a pack. Sounds crazy doesn't it? But gang members are usually gutless. They need the security of the pack. Gangs don't think as a unit. You can on your own using your best friends your toolbox of surprises, such as, elbows, knees, head and so on. Plus, gangs trip over themselves all the time you can use this to your advantage and as a chance to escape.

Try it in training one night whilst you're backed into a corner. Pressure test it. Today, realistic training is a must to dispel fighting fact from fighting fiction. By doing so you'll finally really learn how to defend yourself and survive an unprovoked aggressive attack. But best of all, you'll have decided to unleash that deep force within you that says win NOW.

Stay Safe.

Buzz Campion.

How much is your safety worth? Urban Close Combat instructor, Buzz Campion, is the author of two very useful and informative self defence and awareness books that will teach any man or women how to avoid or defend themselves against an unprovoked violent attack in the home at work or in the street. http://www.simpleselfdefenceforwomen.com

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