Woman Self-Defense - The Secret Techniques You Must Know!

You don't have time for woman self-defense lesson? Just spend 3 minutes to finish reading this article, one day you might need to use this technique to save your live or your loved ones.

The self-defense groin kick is no doubt a valuable street fighting technique that a woman must possess! A well executed kick to the groin could instantly end a vicious attack. Pay close attention to these aspects when executing a groin kick.

Self-Defense Secret No. 1-Use It Only In Close Quarters Combat

Don't attempt for a groin kick from far away! Men have a subconscious radar to detect if someone is going for the groin. This will cause it difficult to execute an effective groin kick because men will be more likely to turn to avoid the kick as an instinctive reaction.

Self-Defense Secret No. 2-Beware of the "Headbutt" as A Counter Attack!

Normally, the executor of such kick is positioned in front of the attacker. Beware of the counter attack as the attacker's body will naturally react when hit with a groin kick. His body will instantly bend forward. You don't want to transform your groin kick against your attacker into a "headbutt" where your attacker's head comes crashing down at you.

Self-Defense Secret No. 3-Attack High First!

You should stop the natural "headbutt" reaction by first striking your attacker's head region, for example, the eye, nose, neck, throat, etc. This is to make sure that he doesn't see the groin kick coming. The attacker will be caught off guard and you could deliver a more powerful kick at the targeted region!

Self-Defense Secret No. 4- Shift Your Body to the Side

The secret to proper execution of a groin kick is to kick while shifting your body slightly to the side as you deliver the kick. When you deliver the kick this way, you can actually deliver a more powerful kick. By shifting your body slightly to the side, you're out of the way should your attacker's head lurch forward.

If you really don't have time for woman self-defense class, just remember these 4 secrets to groin kick!

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