Head-Butt. Attacking Your Opponent

 Okay we've talked about how to stop an attack long enough to start your own, so let's talk about how to beat the crap out of the guy trying to hurt you! We'll start with a head-butt.

The head-butt can be a very effective move in self defense. It’s quick and easy to preform. Even if your in that life fearing mode I talked about in Best Self Defense Techniques it’s still basic enough to pull off.

Most people think of the head-butt as slamming your forehead against your attackers forehead, this could work if you don’t have a choice and your opponent isn’t expecting it. Unfortunetly if your attacker does see it coming he can meet the attack by tightening his neck and moving his head forward a bit. Now your attack is going to hurt you as bad as it does him and an equal exchange is not the goal in a fight.

The best way to use a head-butt is to aim for the nose. If you land your blow on the nose it’s not going to affect you as much since the impact is cushioned by the breaking of his cartilage. It will however affect him. A broken nose can be a fight ender for some people. The pain can be excruciating, and it will likely cause the eyes to water up enough to limit vision. However it’s no where near a guarantee to end the fight, so be prepared to follow up with your next attack.

Another benefit for aiming for the nose is that even if you miss your going to hit a more sensitive area. For instance, landing the blow a little high is still going to hit him between the eyes or in the lower forehead. The skull is a bit thinner here and it’s much harder to brace yourself against a blow this far down the face compared to the upper forehead. If you miss the nose to either side your going to hit the cheekbones. Although these aren’t as fragile as the nose there is still a very good chance of breaking them if you land a solid head-butt. The final option is to land the blow to low, catching your attacker in the mouth. This can be a mixed blessing. You stand a chance of taking out a few teeth, but there’s a good chance those teeth are going to slice up your forehead.

Personally I think the head-butt is a good first blow. If you had someone in your face, maybe he’s pushing you, or he’s grabbing ahold of you so you can’t get away, a head-butt to the nose will usually take the fight right out of him. And in most states it’s considered justified since he was committing battery against you by grabbing or pushing you.


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