Groin Stike

No single move is guaranteed to end a fight. Sometimes the move isn’t executed properly and sometimes, due to drugs or something else, your attackers threshold for pain is higher than normal. That being said there is one way that will usually end a fight when dealing with a man. It’s a self defense move most women should become familiar with if their not already. I call it the "kick him in the balls self defense!"

Okay, for every man who just cringed and said; “That’s not cool!” I need you to bear in mind that in a real fight anything goes. You can bet that if you’re being attacked by another man and you start winning, he’ll resort to every dirty trick he can, including this particular cheap shot. There are no rules in a real fight.

NONE. If it can take out your attacker, then do it! Save it for a last option if you must, but be prepared and willing to do it. As for the women, if you are being attacked by a man, go for the crotch shot first chance you get. Not to sound sexist, but biologically speaking men are generally larger and stronger than you. Every second that you spend struggling with a male attacker increases the chances of you being subdued. So for you, fighting dirty should be the very first, as well as the very last, thing you do. As soon as you get the chance to go for the family jewels you do it. No questions asked.

As for actually performing the technique, it’s fairly simple. You use either your foot or your knee. Now, using your foot could be kind of tricky. Let’s say your attacker is significantly taller than you, yes you could kick high enough to hit him, but kicking higher than your waist can endanger your balance, meaning if you fail to take him out he can easily take you to the ground. It can also be problematic if he is wearing baggy pants, as this can hinder your foot, basically, cushioning the blow a bit. The advantage of a kick however is it gives you a bit of room, you don’t have to get in as close as you would if you were to try to knee him. Getting close to him means giving him the chance to grab ahold of you.

Of course, there are some advantages to getting in close and using your knee. As I stated before, if your opponent is tall or wearing baggy pants it might give you better odds of landing a good blow. Plus, you can use the close proximity to your advantage. For example, since you’re in so close you can try to couple the groin strike with a head-butt, a quick one-two, this way you do twice the damage and double your chances of taking out your opponent.

Another excellent way to use the groin strike is with the side arm chop. If you get grabbed from behind, try to twist to the side as much as possible, this should give you the chance to swing your arm right into your attackers crotch. If he grabs you in a bear hug from behind simply stretch your arms out to the side like your reaching for something on both the left and right, this should break his hold on you. Now, drop down to your knees before he can grab you again and throw your elbow back into his groin. You can do the same thing if put in a bear hug from the front but change the elbow for a simple punch/upper-cut.

And that’s what I have to say about the groin strike. Just remember dirty tricks like these should only be used in real, life or death situations. NOT when your just fooling around!

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