Improvised Weapons For Self Defense At School

You’re taking night classes at the local Community College, class just let out and you stay behind for a minuet to ask the professor a question. As the two of you walk out of the class room you catch a glimpse of another student, who had been kicked out for constantly causing trouble, rush the professor from behind and knock him out cold.
You see the crazy look in his eye and you know that he hasn’t satisfied his vendetta yet. You want to defend yourself and the professor, but the college has a very strict no weapons policy so you’re unarmed. You have to improvise a weapon so you…

Use Your Back Pack.

Swinging your back pack at an attacker might not be the most efficient weapon, but it should put him back on his heels. If you read through all the posts associated with my Best Self Defense Techniques then you should that getting your opponent to have to fight defensively is the first part to winning a fight. Sure you probably won’t beat him into submission with a back pack but you can keep him at bay until you have an opening to attack him.

Use a Pen/Pencil

Improvised melee weapons

Using a pen or pencil as a shank to stab someone isn’t that far off of a notion. You just want to be careful, legally speaking that is. Most places would probably consider it to be “lethal force” because there is a slight chance of you doing permanent damage or possibly killing your opponent if you stab him in the right spot. So it’s best to only do this if you feel your life is in danger.

Beat Him With A Book.

Improvised Survival Weapons

Use the spine of a book like a baton to strike your attacker

I covered this in “Improvised Weapons For Self Defense In Your Home” but it also works here. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a hard cover or a soft cover book, if you hit someone with the spine of the book it’s going to hurt. Especially if you aim for sensitive or fragile areas like the nose, temple, back of the head, groin, back of the hand, etc.. Well, those were a couple of things that you should readily have access too in school to use as improvised weapons for self defense.

Be Prepared. Be Safe.
Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum.

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