Side Arm Chop

 Here is really effective attack to use against an opponent after you have countered their attack. But first, run your finger down the outside of your arm, start at the elbow and go down to the pinkie finger. What do you feel? You might be thinking you feel a bone, what you are actually feeling is a nice blunt club most people are born with. I’m sure you’ve seen some martial arts master break a board with the arm chop before right?
Maybe you saw it in a movie, on tv, or even in a real life demonstration, but chances are you’ve seen it. Now think how much it would hurt if you were that board. Most people are so hung up on throwing a punch that they don’t stop to consider how much damage they could cause by just swinging their arms! And it’s not a complex move so you don’t have to worry about losing your fine motor movements (see Best Self Defense Techniques).

Okay so the techniques is very simple, hit your opponent with the side of your arm, but where do you aim? Answer: Anywhere! You can aim for the head, the neck, collar bone, the ribs, knees, kidneys, ANYWHERE!

Just to get an idea of how powerful this attack is go to your punching bag if you have one. Now give it your best right hook. Okay, now swing chop it with the side of your arm as hard as you can. Which one made it move more? And think about this, which one focuses the blow more, your flat fist or the narrow bone in your arm? Personally I prefer a good chop over a regular punch. I find it to be more powerful for me and less expected from my opponent.

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