How to Defend Yourself From an Attacker

FIRST - Fighting should only be used as a last resort. First try to reason with the attacker if that is possible. If they have a weapon and all they want is money, its either possibly your life or $50. Just because you may know how to disarm an attacker, does not meant that you may be able to disarm everyone every single time.
You might be having an off day, or your tired and then you miss the chance to disarm the attacker and then you get cut or possibly killed. So in other words, it is much safer to give the attacker what they want, if they have a gun that would be your best option.

SECOND - If the assailant will not stop then you must be ready to defend yourself. First you need to always be aware of your surroundings, so by this point you should know where everything is around you. You need to get into a fighting stance with both of your hands up to block attacks. If you have your hands down, or in your line of vision then you will not be able to block or deflect the assailant's attacks. Coming back to always being aware of your surroundings, it is much safer to keep an object in between you and your opponent such as a trash can etc.. whatever may be around you to stop your attacker from getting a straight line of attack on you.

THIRD - Know how to block and strike efficiently. I can not stress how important it is to learn how to strike your attacker in vital spots such as the throat, ears, eyes, solar plexus, groins or knees. If your attacker is coming straight at you, and you do not know what to do just do a quick but powerful kick to the inside of the attackers knee. No matter how big the attacker is, if you strike his knee super hard, then his foundation will be crippled. No attacker is going to be worrying about protecting their knee, so you will almost always have that oppourtunity. Also you NEED to know how to BLOCK or atleast DODGE. You do not want to be hit during an attack, and that is where blocking or dodging comes into place. For example if they throw a punch you can block and lateral step to the outside of the punch. When you are on the outside of their punch, you are in the dominant position because your body is facing them, but they are not facing you which means if they hit you that they wont be able to generate lots of power, However you will be able to since you are still facing him and able to strike the kidney's, ribs, or temple. Lateral movements will be your best option to dodge an attack and put your body into a dominant position.

FOURTH - know to make a proper fist and how to get power into all of your strikes. When you throw a punch you should only be hitting with your index finger's knuckle and your middle finger's knuckle, this decreases the chance of you injuring your hand because your fist is now alighned with your forearm. Also you need to get your whole body into an attack. If you just throw a punch with only your arm, it will not be that powerful, however if you get your hips and torso into the punch then for sure your attacker will be hurt. If you throw a knee to the groin or face you should shoot your hips straight into the attack with your knee instead of just raising your knee and hitting. This will ensure that your attacker does not want to keep messing with you, because they will be hurting!

FIFTH - ALWAYS stay in well lit, well populated areas. With more people around your chances of being attacked are vastly diminished than if you were walking along a dark shady street with barely anyone or any traffic. And if you need to walk along a dark shady street then I advise bring someone else with you, and you need to have a strong powerful walk and show that you look confident. If someone looks confident and strong, they are less likely to be attacked. Also I advise buying pepper spray to keep in your bag or pocket at all times. And for your car you should have something such as a bat just in case you get jumped by more than one person because there is barely anybody who could take on 5 or more guys bare-handed and win.

CONCLUSION - so you have learned all of the steps that I have been taught to protect myself from an attacker. Always try to negotiate with the attacker and if they do not stop then get ready to defend yourself. You need to always stay in safe areas and don't go by yourself alone down a street with barely any light or people. Also it is important to have some sort of a self defense product, I have been doing martial arts for years, but just in case I need a back up plan, or if there is too many attackers I always carry a small collapsible baton and pepper spray. I advise that you take up some self defense classes at your local dojo or martial arts gym and at least learn the basics so if you ever need to, you will be able to protect yourself.

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