Cell Phone for Protection

Crime is rampant in our society. Television, newspapers, the Internet report muggings, carjackings, some in broad daylight, and home invasions - imagine the front door suddenly and violently kicked in. It seems like the number of unprovoked attacks have never been higher. People who use meth and other drugs need money to fuel their habits, and more and more they are resorting to violence to obtain it.

It is disheartening to know of an even darker side of crime - of those sexual predators who prey on our women, our young girls, the easiest and most helpless targets. Not that any of us is safe from harm. No matter where we are we must be on the watch for trouble and continuously aware of our surroundings. But what can we do if we are attacked? Our story below could be about any of us.

Betty lived in the city and took the subway to work. She liked to get to the law office early, when most folks were still in their beds asleep. She enjoyed the ten-block walk, using it to clear her mind before the long day ahead.

She was just a bit nervous about walking streets that were virtually empty at that early hour. So, Betty bought a Stun Gun. She had seen them advertised on the Internet and decided on the Cell Phone Stun Gun.

Betty found it looked just like a regular cell phone and featured a holster and a belt clip. Well, Betty thought, nobody's going to question a well-dressed businesswoman walking down the street with her cell phone in her hand.

One morning on Betty's way to work a junkie jumped out from behind a parked car and began screaming for her to hand over her purse. Betty put her hands in the air as ordered, and, as she did, she disabled the safety on her cell phone look-alike. Grabbing her purse with her other hand, she tossed it just beyond where the criminal was standing.

As he bent down and picked it up, Betty Pushed the Cell Phone Stun Gun into her attacker's back, shooting hundreds of thousands of stunning but non-lethal volts of electricity into his body. With her attacker disabled on the ground, Betty took her real cell phone out of her purse and called the police.

Betty's fellow attorneys always wondered why she carried two cell phones. They assumed that a powerful female attorney was so busy she needed them both. Now they know how much power she really has.

Be Alert. Be Safe.

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