Review Testimonials Before Selecting a Self-Defence Class

Before choosing to enroll in a self-defence class, it's important that you review as much information on the course as is possible. Some courses don't provide proper training for real-life safety, others may have an instructor who is not truly qualified to train you, and others yet may be lacking in customer service. Your time and money is valuable, so you certainly don't want to waste either on a less than spectacular self-defence course.

After reviewing the objectives of the course, as well as the background of its instructor, look for testimonials from the course's previous students. Testimonials highlight the strengths of the self-defence class and show you whether other students were truly satisfied with the training they received. To find these testimonials, look on the website of the self-defence centre or ask the instructor to provide you with references from former students.

The testimonials should tell you a little bit about the people who are providing the recommendations, too. Did everyday people recommend this course? Did organizations provide the centre with a reference? Did people with special self-defence needs think this course was exceptional? A course that appeals to a variety of people is one that you should strongly consider, because it's more likely to cater to real-life personal safety needs.

Search for a common theme within the testimonials, as well. One person's experience may be completely different from another person's, but the common consensus speaks for the course itself. A self-defence class should help people feel safer in everyday life, boost the confidence of its students, and provide thorough, structured training. Testimonials will reflect whether a course does this for its students.

Unfortunately, the websites of amateur instructors may have testimonials too, so you can't rely on testimonials alone. A qualified and professional self-defence instructor will also provide you with information on his certifications, relevant experiences, and the type of training you will receive from him.

By thoroughly evaluating a self-defence centre's testimonials, in addition to its important credentials, you'll improve your chances of choosing a quality self-defence class that provides value for your time and money.

Patrick Cumiskey is the chief instructor of Krav Maga Ireland and is also a qualified Psychotherapist. He has trained over 10,000 people how to protect themselves using Krav Maga, the combat system of the Israeli Army.
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