Kenpo Karate - Self Defense

Kenpo karate or American Kenpo is described by brisk moves in a swift and repeated pattern in order to overpower the assailant or aggressor. As the definition implies it mainly is focused on the self defense mechanism. The American Kenpo dates back hundreds of years and has evolved a great deal over the period of years and took on the style of the great grandmasters teaching it in specific eras.
The most famous adaptation founded by Ed Parker is considered to be the war art as compared to the other sport styled martial arts.

The life today is infested with criminals and the rate of transgressions is on the rise. Nobody is safe these days and anything can happen to anybody anywhere-none is immune to violence. So it's good judgment that everybody should be prepared and aware. Self defense is like survival on land in resemblance to swimming is for survival in water. Self defense is a skill that can be acquired by all. American kenpo or the kenpo karate is practical, focused and it is not ostentatious in its style. It uses the real life situations to teach and make use of the knowledge gained in self defense classes. In order to achieve the best defense the students are made to go through a tough and demanding training with a lot of hard and challenging fights. There are over 700 techniques which can and do prepare every kenpo karate pupil to face any problematic and unthinkable circumstances.

There a few basics to self defense taught in these classes:
• Listening or paying attention
• Keeping the eyes open/observe
• Feeling/sense
• Self awareness
• Awareness of surroundings and people
• Staying with the crowd
• Keeping a barrier from the attacker
• Attracting attention in case of attack
• Controlling the assailant's middle part of the body and hands
• Using the strongest force against the weakest point of target-as in going for the kill

The dilemma is that Kung Fu and other forms of martial arts include a number of techniques that are not very easy to carry out. This predicament arises in cases of all out street attacks especially on women. Kenpo karate is simple, focused and hard fight with speed and brutal striking or sparring instead of physical strength that is why it proves extremely effective and can be performed by people of any body type or experience.

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