Self Defence Is Everybody's Right

With over 18 years of Karate experience, I have always tried to promote basic self defence classes for women and children.

All over the world today, incidents of assaults against women and children are growing every day, this only adds fuel for a campaign to teach women and children self defense,
I have been on a crusade for about 10 years now campaigning for schools to teach basic self defense techniques to all children starting at an early age. If these lessons where then practiced over the school years, they would become a way for children to defend themselves in most situations.

Most women will be accosted or have had some uncomfortable incident at some point in their lives. You only have to look at the police figures to see how often women and children are assaulted, and the numbers keep going up, the most common assault is domestic violence which is still the most to under reported crime in the Europe, with only one in 10 domestic violence assaults making an entry into the records.

We have had a lot of difficulty so far in getting self defense classes taught in schools. Although some local authority's and communities have helped set up weekly classes for both women and children. Many of the courses have been subsidised by the local communities which has helped keep the price of the classes very low.

There are now many different opportunities for women and children to start classes, Some are now even free. Local community organizations in most areas are now offering self defense classes. The main colleges are also beginning to set up some basic courses. For thee women and children that have the time free to attend these classes and stay with it for a few months that's great but all to often they drop out after only a few classes. This can be for a variety of different reasons.

A great way to learn self defense techniques and training is with DVDs. With these DVDs that are put together by top martial arts instructors, its possible to teach professional moves that will really help in an indecent, it makes sense when you're learning something important how to defend yourself, that you learn from the best instructors with the most experience, these top instructors would normally charge high amounts for one on one classes so DVD's would be great value for money.

The internet is now full of instructional material to so learning from home is now a great way to train. It's possible to learn the basics to more advance techniques at your home and at a time that suits your lifestyle. You can also learn at your own pace, but after you have been through some basics you will require a partner to practice with.

Even if you are new to self defence, you should spend some time researching the material that you will be learning from, be it a DVD or internet videos, check to see if there are plenty of reviews and recommendations before you start off on some half baked course put together by an ordinary Joe who has only had a few martial arts lessons, I would recommend that your instructor should be at least black belt in a form of martial art and have at least 8 years of experience.

If he has trained in martial arts for 8 years, he has had many hand to hand practice fights and therefore knows what he is doing.

Practice and practice until you feel very confident with the moves, it's one thing to practice in the comfort of your own home but in the street it will be very different so that why practice and months of it will give you that edge.

With over 18 years of martial arts experience and belts in Karate,Judo, Aikido and Jujitso, I would like to share my self defence thoughts and training programes with everyone.
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