Practice Makes Perfect: The Importance of Training With Your Self Defense Weapon

When I started my career in law enforcement I rode with a field training officer before I went on the road alone. The one piece of advice that I remember most clearly is to continually train.

He suggested I practice felony traffic stops while sitting in my driveway. My dog got used to me yelling at my reflection in the glass doors.
He urged me to draw and re-holster, draw and re-holster my unloaded weapon at home until I could literally do it blindfolded and with my strong hand tied behind my back. I practiced and practiced until it all became second nature.

I have also attended several different types of practical training classes, in the event an emergency should occur. Practice makes perfect.

I hope I never have to use any of the skills I have perfected. But even if I don't it was never a waste of time. All our life we practice for things. In school we practice by studying for exams.

Most new mothers have 'practiced' childbirth by attending birthing classes (although NOTHING can really prepare you for that kind of experience!)

Athletes of all ages, from pee-wee leagues to the majors, practice their sport so they can be ready to face the opposing team.

Military personnel from every country train for war.

Schools run fire drills and lock downs, in order to practice what needs to be done in an emergency. Many corporations do the same with and for their employees.

Why do we spend so much time in our life practicing? The answer is simple. We practice so we are prepared.

Have you ever practiced what you would do if you were faced with an attacker? If you have a self defense weapon, do you know exactly where it is located and how to use it? Have you ever practiced with it?

If you carry a non lethal self defense weapon such as pepper spray, do you know exactly how far it will shoot? Have you ever tested it? You can get an inert water based practice pepper spray. This will allow you to go through the motions of spraying without the drawback of actually being exposed to the oleoresin capsicum (OC). There are articles available on the effects of pepper spray. Read some of them so you know what to expect if you ever have to use it on someone, or if it is ever used against you.

If you carry a stun gun, find out where the most effective places are on the body to make contact with it. Dry fire it every once in a while to make sure it is working and to create muscle memory, which is critical in a crisis situation.

You may only have a split second to react before an attack occurs. Practicing with your self defense weapons can make the difference between being a victim or being a victor.

Stay Safe

Wendy Megyese is a Deputy Sheriff and a Self Defense Expert. Her passion is educating and empowering law abiding citizens with self defense tools and techniques so they can be victors and not victims. Visit her website at to find the best self defense and survival products.

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