Best Street Martial Arts Techniques You Will Want to Know!

In this article you will learn some key pointers and some of the best street martial arts techniques from a variety of fighting styles, providing with the crucial skills needed to keep you alive in the event of an actual attack.

The best street martial arts technique I ever learned is trapping. By using this type of move, you are actually trapping your adversary's extremities, keeping him or her from being able to attack.
One way to accomplish this is to wrap an arm around your assailant, keeping his or her arms pinned to the body, and perform numerous strikes to the body and face with your free hand.

Another technique from this list of martial arts moves is to stay away from fancy kicks like in Tae Kwon Do! Although some martial artists seem to think that the flashy Taekwondo-style high kicks work, THEY REALLY DON'T! Think about it - does it really make any sense to commit ANY action that will most likely leave yourself and your balance completely vulnerable to your assailant? Of course not! Avoid high kicks at all costs, and pick targets such as the knees, shins and groin.

One more best street martial arts technique is any counterattack to sensitive areas of the body that can create the most damage possible to your attacker. Merit badges for "sportsmanlike conduct" will NOT be given! Remember that this is LIFE OR DEATH, and the LAST thing you should be doing is holding back! This means you NEED to be smashing the throat, gouging the eyes, kneeing the groin, biting, clawing - in other words do whatever the heck it takes to get a mugger or rapist off of you! Keep in mind that in many instances "second place" in a street fight equals DEATH! Time to STOP playing "Mr. Nice Guy," or "Miss Nice Gal!"

Another best street martial arts technique is to stick to the basics. Don't use over complicated techniques always remember popping someone in the nose makes their eyes water. Make your strike quick, hard, and up close and personal. If you find yourself reaching to far to try and land a punch, regroup and focus more on attacks that double as blocks for your increased protection.

Don't be afraid to utilize your martial arts training. Stick to the moves you are most familiar with and have the most practice with. Hopefully, prior to any actual fight, you will have had the opportunity to get training in as many various fighting styles as possible.

Keep yourself in physical conditioned, too, by getting consistent exercise (that incorporates weightlifting) about four times per week. Staying alive during an actual assault will depend LARGELY on what shape you are in physically. You want to get your body into good enough condition to be able to handle the stress of a full on fight!

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