Three Golden Rules Of Self Defense

As a professional, teaching the principles of the discipline to students is part of the assignment. There is no difference in this obligation in any profession. This is true for self defense specialists as well.

There are important rules to consider to raise your level of self defense to be able to handle a wide variety of self defense situations.

1. People tend to under-prepare for self defense situations.

2. The principle of readiness is that you have assessed a wide variety of situations as possible and spent time preparing for them.

3. The element of surprise is well recognized if you have to make an offensive maneuver for self preservation.

All of these key rules should inform you about the study and training for adequate self defense. Most people under prepare for self defense. This includes big and small individuals. A very big guy may not have prepared to defend against someone his own size because he doesn't know many people his size. Or perhaps he hasn't prepared to defend against a person of small size because he assumes he will win or scare them away.

The principle of readiness applies to sports, self defense and any other active involvement in life. A shortstop is positioned crouching, looking at the batter, on the balls of his feet. He is ready if the ball comes and he has to make a diving catch.

Get in the ready position for self defense, which is actually fairly similar. You are bent slightly, shrinking yourself as a target and lowering your center of gravity. You are on the balls of your feet, ready to spring when you see your opening. You are focused on your attacker.

The element of surprise is a principle of self defense too. Although the attacker may have the element of surprise on his side for a moment, as soon as you know what is happening your body gets set for a both defense and counter offensive maneuvers. The attacker may be untrained, relying only on brute force to impose himself on the target. The target is prepared to launch into multiple maneuvers that he is well familiar with and proficient in execution.

Understanding the formal rules of self defense and engagement convert into focused practice which hone the proper skills to perfection. The right skills come naturally when nurtured. First learn the maneuvers for self defense fighting in a non-crisis setting, either shadow boxing or practicing with a friend. Practice of the right attitudes and skills makes you far better off than a desperate criminal with no training.

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