Personal Safety Tips for Single Women

Women should take their personal safety seriously. There are several instances when they can become victimized. They have to be prepared at all times. They need to be able to protect themselves if the need arises.

Be conscious of what you are wearing. The type of clothes that you wear might not necessarily be the reason why you are going to be victimized.
However, you have to select which clothes you are going to wear based on how comfortable you are going to be in them. Take into account whether or not it will be easy for you to run and fight inside the particular clothes and shoes that you chose to put on.

You may wear tight skirts and high heels on an ordinary day in a familiar neighborhood. But, you should be more careful if you are visiting a different location.

Walk like you have to be somewhere else. Don't walk idly down the street. Walk quickly and don't give by-standers the time to stop you on your tracks. You have to look confident and capable of protecting yourself. Women who look vulnerable may be more likely to be attacked. When you sense potential danger from a person coming towards you, you start with making eye contact. Police officers have advised that some criminals might think twice about going through with the attack if they think that they will be recognized.

Be conscious of what is happening around you. If you were able to detect danger early on, you will have more time to make your decision, run away or call for help. Also, leave your hands free. If you need to fight off an attacker, free hands will be an advantage for you. Just make sure that you have your phone within easy reach. Keep your phone inside your pocket or inside your bag so that you can make a call as soon as possible.

Have enough physical exercise. To be able to fight or run away from trouble, you need to have good endurance. You will be able to prepare yourself if you are getting enough exercise. Choose a particular exercise program which you prefer the most. Remember that most exercises will be able to help you improve your cardio-respiratory endurance. You just need to be consistent with doing the exercises.

Routines make it easy for us to go through our everyday lives. However, when talking about personal safety, sticking to routines might not be the most ideal thing to do. You have to change up the roads that you take when you are driving to and from home. You also need to vary the time when you leave or come back home. Changing up your schedule will make it harder for criminals to decipher where you will be at a particular time.

Consider arming yourself. You can buy a stun gun or a mace spray. You can have them inside your purse to keep you protected while you are out of the house. You may even have them as extra protection while you are inside your own home.

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