Front Kick. Stopping You Opponents Attack

 Okay this first technique is easy. Ever kick a ball? Same thing here. Nothing fancy. Your not even really trying to do any damage to your opponent. I know that sounds weird but stay with me. You have probably heard the saying “The best defense is a good offense” sure it might be cliche but it’s true.
If your being bombarded with attacks it’s really hard to launch an attack of your own. Your only hope is to get your attacker on the defensive. A great way to do that is a simple kick to the shin.

Usually in a fight the person who is defending is also retreating. It’s natural to step back and try to distance yourself from your opponent in hopes of getting a chance to throw a punch yourself. Of course if your opponent has any skill he’s not going to let you get any space because he’s going to keep charging forward every time you step back. You need a good way to break this cycle and a simple kick can do just that. If you kick him in the shin he’s going to pull that leg back, it might only be a single step back, but that is your window of opportunity. It gives you a chance to press your attack and put him on the defensive.

It’s nothing at all fancy. Your not even aiming high. Just a quick shot to the shin to get him to stop advancing and put him back on his heels. It might sound simple but it can be a real fight changer!

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