Best Self Defense Techniques

If you have been reading any of my posts here then you probably already know what I consider to be the best self defense techniques. In my opinion the moves which are basic, brutal and most effective are quite simply the best. 

Anything fancy or complex won’t do you much good in a real fight. That’s because in a real fight you fighting for your life. You have the knowledge that losing might mean more than a few bruises and not getting a shiny trophy to put above the mantle place like in some tournament. Losing might mean broken bones, a trip to the hospital, spending the rest of your life in a wheel chair or straight up dying.

When you introduce the fear that goes with that realization, in actual combat, the game changes. The parts of your brain that you use everyday for simple tasks shuts down and your fine motor movements go out the window. All your left with is the most basic, primal part of your brain (the reptilian brain). And all this part of your brain is good for is to tell you to either fight or run away as fast as you can. And this can happen to both men and women.

Ever watch a horror movie where someone is trying to get away from the monster in a car?  They always have a scene where the victim is trying unsuccessfully to unlock the door or put the key in the ignition, you might be screaming at the screen for him/her to hurry up and get it right, but in reality you’d probably be doing the same thing. Why? Because, even something as simple as inserting a key takes precise muscle movements and coordination that you lose when your fearing for your life. So, if you can’t even do something as simple as using a key, how do you expect to pull off any of the advanced martial arts moves like you see in movies? 

The sad truth is that if you want to win a fight, it’s best to stick with the basics. The kind of moves that you can do under any circumstances, without any fine motor movements or coordination what so ever. Anything much more advanced than swinging your arms and legs might be to advanced for you to handle in a life threatening situation. Then again, maybe not, maybe your one of the lucky few who can keep calm enough to use some fine motor movements. You’ll never know for sure until your in that kind of situation, but wouldn’t it be best to have learned and practiced the most basic moves just in case? 

Well, here I have compiled some of the basic moves that I have learned and that I can fall back on when I’m in that life or death situation. I'm listing these self defense techniques for free so that you can be prepared, even if your completely new to fighting. If you want something more advanced read my post here.

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